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  1. All my viewports in all projects disappear. What I mean by disappear is, when I render a elevation or section viewport then go into annotations. The rendering vanishes and turns to a wireframe mode, very frustrating. I have "save viewport cache? on however it doesn't help. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the advice, however I was flipping through the pdf file just to see something new I could learn. It is always interesting to do something different or faster. Does any one know if the above image was rendered in Vectorworks, I like the quality to which the fountains where rendered.
  3. I am just browsing the PDF document that you can download off the Nemetschek website http://www.nemetschek.net/training/free_resource.php Getting Started with Vectorworks Architect 2009. I am wondering if the image at the beginning of the PDF file and the end of the PDF file are rendered in vectorworks? If so how were the fountains created as well as the ripples in the water?
  4. Excellent! I didn't see the button at the top of the page that allowed us to insert an image via URL. The image upload widget is a neat tool, works well. However I just save my images on my mac account in the public folder, then copy and paste the link.I may switch over to the image upload widget saves some steps.
  5. Can you embed an attachment in a post instead of adding it as an attachment through the forum file manager?
  6. Vectorworks 2009 has a number of profiles for mouldings created. It is in "Vectorworks 2009-objects building Architecture & Interior-Detail Molding Profiles copper beech millwork" Hope this helps.
  7. What about exporting an image file of the layer with all the information you want seen. Then importing the image as a texture an applying it to an extrude or pillar object on a separate layer, or controlled by a class on the same layer as the floor plan?.


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