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  1. A much more in depth explanation than mine. Well explained Pat!
  2. You can sum the columns by dragging the symbol just below the input field at the top of the worksheet
  3. That would be the same effect as placing the image as the texture for the window glazing. I trying to get reflections from a single object so the widows share 1 common reflection so they all look a bit different, with out texturing every window. It maybe that a texture on the glazing is what I have to do to get the look in elevation. This is a PDF file of the elevations I would like to get the windows to reflect the HDRI background. The windows do reflect the HDRI background in the perspectives, I have added a blur to the texture so it isn't so sharp.
  4. Kaare, Interesting idea. I have done the image prop, it does not produce the desired effect. I also tried placing a dome encompassing the entire project but i cant get the reflections in the window in either elevation, or section elevations. Very frustrating. Any further ideas? I was thinking it could be a texture issue but I have had no luck modifying the reflections.
  5. Window reflections, look great with the HDRI background in perspective views. I would like to get the same look into the elevations and still have the ability to scale the drawing. Any ideas on how to achieve this? I have attached a simple PDF illustrating more clearly what I would like to accomplish. Any ideas would be great. THank-you PS, I wish the lit fog worked like it use too!! It was a great tool to fade out elevation drawings.
  6. John Meunier


    I recently used the decal function in Vectorworks 2011 SP3. Works really well. So I thought I would post some pictures to show what we used it for! Used a underlying white texture, then applied 6 different textures. The Remax ballon, the phone number, the lifestyles text, the blue and red bands, and the image Remax. Also applied the yellow road lines to a slab object! Can't wait to use this in stop signs, and other street objects or scenery objects that can be frustrating to model. Using a decal can be a time savor.
  7. Soo Exciting!! I hope the screen redraw rate has been fixed, sometimes its sooo slooowww.
  8. I hope that NNA brings back the function of the navigator to VW it works so well in C4D its a drag not to be able to use it in VW! (comment comes from research to see if there was a workaround to fix the space navigator continuing not to function, no such like, unless someone else has found away:))
  9. I have attached a vectorworks file of one way we do our door and window schedules for you use, hopefully this helps with some of your questions.
  10. How Do you control the Lit fog Option in Vectorworks Renderworks. I have attached a PDF file for your viewing, The circle with lines around it is a point light 100% brightness with lit fog selected and cast shadows off. The arrow is a directional light with cast shadows on. I am trying to get a look like the building is fading off into the distance. Not much like yet. Any insight into how Lit Fog is controlled would be helpful. Thankyou
  11. I use the window and doors as 3D symbols allowing me to insert extruded objects to get the desired look on my elevations. Image: https://files.me.com/station411/la8wi9 Vectorworks 2011 File: https://files.me.com/station411/clp0l0
  12. Thanks for the reply Pat. I will change the roofs with the custom modification, I appreciate you willing to put a script together for me, however it will not be necessary. Maybe in the new year it will be more pressing and there will be time to work on a script. Happy Holidays! John
  13. Good Morning, I need to change 934 roof objects in a current document, I need to change the thickness and how that thickness will be applied. First thing that comes to mind is worksheets. So I created a database of the roof objects but I dont know how to return the variables to change them. Any ideas what the criteria is? Thank-You
  14. Grant, I think it would be a great idea for NNA to issue a program like cinebench to compare different computers, its always a struggle to "KNOW" what the real world value of spending X amount of dollars to the improved performance is to justify large purchases. It was great to see almost a improvement of 4 times faster than the old machine. ahh side note the 27" screen is the bomb! Bill, Thank-you It is a big difference in VP rendering time, Im excited to upgrade to VW 2010 in the new year!! The old machine was a older G5. (Mac OS X 10.5.8 4.5 GB DDR, Dual 2 Ghz Power PC G5 (970), ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 64MB AGP Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks 2009 SP5 (Build 115703))
  15. Good Morning, I just wanted to share some information with everyone. Recently in our office we upgraded a number of our computers. So I decided to see what the viewport render time increase would be. We do not have VW 2010 yet but when we upgrade it will be nice to compare again the speed increase. I Have attached a PDF file of the analysis for you. The analysis is very basic, and gives a general idea.
  16. I use the cordless optical trackman (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/mice_pointers/trackballs/devices/189&cl=us,en) it works excellent, very precise, and your not moving your wrist. I also use the 3d connexion space navigator (http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/spacenavigator.html) this works excellent for doing walkthroughs.
  17. So the easiest way to fill in a boundary is to use the polygon tool with the mode "polygon from inner boundary" second mode of the polygon tool. it looks like a paint bucket. All you do is click inside the boundary you want to fill and it fills that area in with a polygon. However if the area is extremely complex I usually draw lines across the boundary creating smaller areas which I then fill and after add polygons together. Another hint is that you should be able to see the entire space you want to fill on your screen.
  18. Thank-You for your suggestion, I want to use Sketchup because of its "sketchy look" there is a almost childish quality to it that makes for an interesting image. I will look into Piranesi as a render. I guess the only course of action to get the file into google skectchup though is to import the base units and reposition and redraw the 3d site. Thnaks John
  19. Ok, I have no idea what the workaround here is going to lead to but I'll explain the problem. Some history first: The job is a 105 unit multifamily site with 5 different unit types each type has 3 different styles, different colours. The different units are arranged to form 34 buildings. There are 4 vectorworks files: 1) DP Common contains the title block wich the layer is referanced into each other file. 2) DP Unit plans contains the unit floor plans for every type and style 3) DP Block Plans contains the block plans which are referenced DLVP from the unit plans, as well as the roof plan 4) DP site Plan and Sections contains topographic information as well as DLVP to create a complete site plan with roads, roofs, buildings, all that fun jazz. The Problem: I want to export the site plan with all of the data, roof plan floor plans roads and topo information into sketchup to do some renderings. The site plan exports all fine and dandy, however the DLVP which make up the main Floor, second Floor and roof plan do not export the way I need them to. When exported as 3ds the DLVP just don't export, when exported as a DWG, VW exports them as individual DWG files. For example, the site has 105 units so on the main floor the is 105 VP on the second Floor there is 105 VP on the roof plan there is 34 VP because there is 34 Blocks. Aside from exporting each unit and editing in sketchup then positioning on the site and so on, basically redrawing 2-weeks of work, I was wondering if any one has a work around for this? Thanks for any ideas, I will elaborate if need be. PS I have attached an Image file showing a wireframe outline of the entire site for clarification.
  20. You can do it as an annotations in a viewport with 2009 using the tool "Batt Insulation" found in the Detailing work set.
  21. VW is great for a drafting program. Especial for its price. As long as your not going for photorealistic images, VW will work great. We use it all the time for building renderings and the result is satisfactory. We underuse the 3D capabilities of VW, (nurbs, lofts, etc.) because our buildings mostly are created with the hybrid plug-ins, walls, doors, windows. All the basic elements. If your drawings natural shapes with very fluid curves there are other programs that handle this easier than VW.
  22. Ray, Thanks, I guess I should have looked a little deeper, Early November, not to far off now.
  23. Any ideas when the update to VW 09 will be released for compatibility with Snow Leopard?
  24. My two sense on the Foundation / Footing I would create a separate layer for the foundations, (ie. Unit A-Mod-slab 1), I use walls to create the foundation and walls to create the footings so 16" walls for ftgs and 8" concrete walls for foundations. When detailing I place in rebar as an annotation. You could then use a spread sheet and perform a simple calculation for how much rebar you need based on / ln ft of the footing and foundation which are wall objects and have linear measurements which can be extrapolated.
  25. Hello, 1) You can use a texture bed, and apply what ever texture you want. If you where to turn of the texture bed by putting it on a class you would have a hole in the site model. 2) I am assuming that your house and site model are drawn on different layers. If you can create a DLVP on the site model of the your house. Alternatively I Have the site model drawn to where my house is I then adjust the heights of the layers to reflect real world conditions, then use stack layers. 3) click on the site model, go to the render tab in the objective info pallet and select the texture.


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