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  1. I use class overrides to adjust the appearance of objects I want more detail in my section VP's.
  2. Being going since MiniCAD, and we will keep on going. I believe VW to be a great BIM tool. Exporting to Solibri Model Checker allows for clash detection for those with complex structures that require that extra collaboration. However I do agree, It is very frustrating working with win, door, wall, etc. tools and coming across their limitations. So when we are working on a more complex wall, win, door, roof, etc. that VW tools can't handle we draw it from scratch or use the tool partially and add to it. All programs will have their limitations, at least with VW we can work around them.
  3. Sorry not bright ideas on this one. When Modelling the bends I create symbols and class them so that I can turn them off on the roof plan / floor plan or which ever layer they would show up on. The Bends have always been a pain. I like this trick, I will try this in lue of classing the bends for the RWL
  4. I would use a 3D Hybrid symbol, create a record format and add text. I would create the RWL with a simple extrude then use asymmetrical scaling outside the symbol to increase the Z component. See the attached screen shot.
  5. Sometimes VW can be so frustrating with very basic items... Thx for the input!!
  6. Is their a preference or setting somewhere that I am missing to change the sizes of the reshape handles for editing objects?
  7. I wouldn't use bitmaps as the pictures image. Create a texture from each image and then apply that texture to a object. You wont have any problems rendering the attached file as the images are textures applied to an object. Cheers!
  8. Have you tried google warehouse? Sometimes there is a model that can be altered or edited. Google Warehouse
  9. If your using a render mode of open GL there is a box in the settings to use planar objects is that checked?
  10. Thank-you for the In-sight. I will explore the VR Panorama and the export functions and let you know how it goes. Regards
  11. I have noticed the same thing. I increased my auto save time from every 10minutes to about every 40 actions. This means more saves, but seems to crash far less. Its frustrating 'command-s' brings tears to the eyes when it crashes. I thought 'command-s' was suppose to be safe; not nerve wracking:)
  12. Good Day Everyone, Background: I have set up a 360? interior rendering of a unit in an apartment building. I am using a selected 3D locus as my orbit point. The image has many light objects, and is fairly complex, but we tried to simplify as much as possible. A final quality rendering takes about 10minutes to render with out any interior bouncing. The time on the movie is set to 30seconds and results in 901 frames @ 30 frames a second. (which I dont understand why its 901 and not 900 frames.) The Trouble: Vectorworks keeps crashing. It will render 100 150 frames sometimes more then crashes. Its frustrating because it takes 6 or 7 hours to get that far in then crashes. We have exported many different types of files at different qualities with no luck. I did manage to get an Open GL animation but its no good to send to a client. Does any one have any suggestion or has encountered this problem before? I'm not entirely convinced it is a Hardware issue. Thank-you
  13. That would be a really nice feature, to turn the mouse pointer off in vectorworks:)
  14. Can you post a .vwx file with the texture and object (just cut and paste the object into a new file) that isn't cooperating, to better understand the situation. There are a few things it could be, but need more info to see why the problem is happening.
  15. In the vectorworks preference pane under the interactive tab you can turn off the curser box. uncheck "show snap box" & "show selection box"
  16. mmm Beer, Always glad to help
  17. Benson, I like the precision in your method. A little more time consuming (not much) but a much more accurate approach, I've never thought of drawing the individual tiles, I'll keep it in mind for next time.
  18. Chris, Google Warhouse sometimes has good mesh objects that can be used, for those times you need a fast prop. Check out the link: Roman Columns
  19. Because of the curved bottom you need to use a texture on a nurbs surface. You can use planar objects and hatches for most of the object, except for the curve part. I have attached a simple model for your use.
  20. See the attached files. The stake object under site planning will do this for you. If the 0,0 is not where you want it to be you can use the 'set origin' command to move the origin, and all the stake objects will update:) Hope this helps. John
  21. A work around might be to print to PDF first. Then print the PDF file to the Designjet500.
  22. Or draw an arc, then draw a line equal to the height of the screen. Then select both and use the command extrude along path, use the arc as the path object.
  23. Tom, You can achieve the look of batt insulation using a tile resources. The corners and intersections dont clean up as nice as one would wont, but its pretty close. It can be done with studs as well.


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