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  1. Rolf, This is what I did: 1) Draw objects on design layer. 2) Then go, View - Create Section Viewport... 3) Follow steps through the pop up info window. Create the section viewport on a new design layer. 4) With the active layer, export the model to C4D. Note, the model will need to be exported in a 3D view, top plan will not have the texture for the caps exported. A text vwx file is attached, as while as a C4D file, you have to replace the extension of .vwx to .c4d in the C4D file to work. (can't upload that type via the file manager.) Hope this helps.
  2. My thoughts We usually don't break up the 3D geometry on our files. We use maybe 3 files or so depending on the job: 1) geometry in one file all on design layers 2) another with DLVP references, sheet layers of floor plans , elevations, sections, etc. 3) another with DLVP references, sheet layers of Perspectives, vignettes. If I where to break up the 3D geometry file, data file, into several, I would recommend 1 base file where all the symbols are kept, as well as all classes, and reference classes and symbols from this base file into the several files. I would then use a break down of varies files depending on how many sheets of what data, and who is working on the file. I agree, elevations and sections need better line weight control. The answer to this one is unfortunately no good way. The best method I have found is to use the thinest line weight for the section/elevation render, then create several classes on which to place the darker line weights and draw as an annotation overtop ie 1) Elevation-LW 05 2) Elevation-LW 10 3) Elevation-LW 20 etc.....
  3. In order for a bump not to be distorted it needs to be symmetrical, why I do not know. Attached is an updated VW's file, and description on how to find the lowest common multiple with textures that are not at first symmetrical. [img:left]http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=10109&filename=CMU%20Hall.jpg[/img]
  4. Works with Section viewports on layers for me with Cinema 4D R13 & (Although the caps shown in C4D is just a texture) VW 2014 SP2 See files attached.
  5. I have attached one for you to experiment with. If your still having issues, post a VW's file for us to look at.
  6. I believe this is a bug, and will submit a bug report, however just wanted to see if any one has the same problem. Issue: The lights do not turn off in a referenced file, when turning the class off, however the light disappears. (see wireframe vrs final quality rendering) How to Create: All data is drawn in one file. The data is then referenced via DLVP, into a new VW file, a SLVP is created and the data rendered. Files attached for your use. If I am missing a setting please let me know. in advanced, Thank-you for any feedback
  7. Good Day, Maybe this isn't a bug, but a preference I am missing, if so can someone enlighten me:) I have submitted a bug report multiple times, was hoping for a fix in the first update, (SP1) but the problem still persists. Description Design Layer Viewports (DLVP) slows rendering to a halt, for us VW's 2014 is unusable due to the fact we use many DLVP in our files. How to duplicate Create an object on a layer. Create a new layer, place a Design Layer View Port (DLVP) on that layer reference object created. Duplicate DLVP multiple times eventually after a dozen layers the rendering takes a very long time, after a few dozen it will not render.
  8. I find that area lights take a longer time to render than using many spot lights or point lights. [img:left]http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=8454&filename=Light.jpg[/img]
  9. Good Morning, So trying to export my model into Solibri model checker / Viewer. Apparently you can't export DLVP directly to IFC format. Any one have a good work around?
  10. I'm always excited to update to the next VW's stay on top of technology. But, there is always a new learning curve.... To relearn the new bugs, sometimes the old ones come back! errr I love and loath updating vector works. In the end its always a net benefit to update, as long as I can quell my frustration.
  11. That would be Awesome! How many times do I move a window in a stairwell, only to forget to move the second "fake" window punching a hole in a wall above it.
  12. Yup same problem here. Happens in DLVP's as well. Also try selecting two DLVP, and editing the layers for both at the same time. Surprise, Surprise VW crashes.
  13. Christiann, See the attached Vectorworks file for how we add scupper overflows to our drawings. [img:left]http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=8358&filename=Scupper.jpg[/img]
  14. Nemetschek vectorworks announces new partnership with m-six M-Six VEO Video Anyone have an idea when this will be avalable to download / try? Looks like it is the missing link for BIM.
  15. I usually have 3 to 6 crashes when rendering. VW 2013 seems to render 8, 12 vieports then it crashes. If I render 6 Viewports save and then restart completely I can keep rendering. Its a silly workaround.
  16. That is super tedious! 16 blocks, 4 elevations, on 3 levels. Thats 192 individual walls that need to be manual aligned more if there is jigs and jogs in the elevations. Maybe I will have to go 2D, haven't gone to a 2D annotation to get the desired texturing:( Thanks for entering a bug, all we can hope is they get it right!
  17. All those wish list items would make Vectorworks amazing!
  18. Good Day!! I am trying to get my textures to align so board and batten lines up. I have 3 walls on 3 layers stacked. (1 for each Floor). You use to be able to select all the walls in a document and select the button 'use world Z for origin' and all the textures would align. I have used the button and 2 walls match (the 1st flr and second) the 3rd wall however does not align. Any insight as to why? This is a global problem with my file, I have hundreds of walls that are not aligning:(
  19. I would like to make a spread sheet for the elevation benchmark PIO, the valuable data I am looking for is the "Elevation" in my case its m above sea level. I go create report thinking, NNA will put all fields in the report, nope guess again, theres a few left out. Does anybody know the record format title to get access to the elevation data when having it set to auto-set relative to reference elevation? Thank-you
  20. Just was looking at that script. Amazing!! The values you want are produced with the script. Amazing Script Pat.
  21. I would image that it can be done through a worksheet. Maybe someone knows the name of the record that will call up weither the door has hardware and then in a separate column what it is.
  22. I didn't do it in the previous file. It wasn't original posted in the file, just the wood grain hatch. Looks as if the screen shot is of a un rendered section VP with the save viewport cache turned off.
  23. Hey everyone, Hope the attached file help clarify the section VP Class override to display the "section Style cut block. It is possible with the 'Tiles' to achieve the look.
  24. Theres a challenge. I use 2D graphic overlays for that graphic.


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