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  1. Position: full time, Monday to Friday 8AM to 4:30 pm.

    Looking for Vectorworks user looking for fulltime employment, prefferable coming into the office but will consider remote employment.


    Thomas Drafting Inc. is a small, Mission-based company. We work in architectural drafting & design, mainly Multi-Family, Apartments and single-family projects. Working alongside other architectural firms, developers, and homeowners.



    Experience in the residential market

    Experience in Vectorworks a must. We do not use Autocad.

    Registration with the AIBC, or ability to register an asset



    Working knowledge of the current BC Building Code

    Experience with 3D PLA printing

    Ability to prepare complete BP document packages

    Ability to prepare complete DP document package

    Project management experience.

    Ability to coordinate with consultants ie Structural, landscape, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil

    Review and critique preliminary and completed plans from other members of the design team

    Proficient verbal and written communication skills in English.


    If interested in working from our office, please submit through our website application,

    Application Form: https://www.thomasdrafting.ca/contact/careers/



  2. Is there the ability to make a VW 2019 file ALL CAPS? Including databases and text styles.

    So far my workaround has been to manually type in CAPS, but the database header has got me stumped.


    I must be missing something. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    Database CAPS.png

  3. On 9/25/2018 at 9:22 AM, Tom Klaber said:

    The section seems to be displaying cuts of elements it should not.  When I go into Edit Section In Place - those objects are not there - they only show up in the section viewport.  Most of them appear to be components of groups of symbols with different classes than their container object - as if the section disregards container objects and breaks everything down when gauging if to display or not.  

    I have been able to eliminate most of them, but there are these few persistent objects and I can not find the source geometry that is causing them.  


    Is anybody else experiencing this? 

    Totally experiencing this issue.


    It is a brutal bug, working on an apartment building and furniture showing up everywhere it shouldn't. 

    I'm guessing its related to there new low, med, high feature.  When a class is off it should never show up.


    My current workaround is to use the Detail Level low and turn off symbols that are inside of unit plan symbols.

    I hope VW's fixes this soon.

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  4. I believe this should be considered a bug, or at min. not desirable behaviour.

    Page based symbols do not display correctly when Navigation Graphics is set to Best Compatibility. 

    This may be is a result of my graphics card, but certain things should always show.


    - Create a page based symbol

    - when inserted into a section viewport it scales down based on the scale of the viewport it seems.

    - when a crop is applied to a viewport the symbol increases in size?


    If you print a PDF it displays correctly.


    Page Based Symbol.vwx

    Best Performance.png

    Best Compatibility.png

  5. Bug Alert,

    This works with simple object for example draw a rectangle and make it a symbol, the same behaviour will persist.


    With a hybrid symbol, open "multiple views panes".

    Edit the 2D component of the symbol, the 2D objects disappear.


    Also happens when editing a symbol containing symbols, if a symbol is 2D only it will disappear when entering the root symbol with multiple views on.

    See Screen recording.


    Very frustrating behaviour!! 


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