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  1. Hi John,

    Do you use the elevation benchmark tool in 2019 ?

    It seems to be broken. Not sure why. 


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    2. Btreen


      I use it in section viewports , elevation viewports and in plan view to automatically show the elevation of objects or the floor level.

      It was automatic and worked well. They seem to have broken it in VW 2019. It does not pick up the elevation of anything. It seems to arbitrarily pick some random height and then use that as a reference. Worse, it doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes zero relates to sea level, other times, zero is the main floor elevation, currently, in the viewport I am working on (a building elevation) zero is 7' 6 1/2" above the floor, for some reason.

      It's a grab bag of results - I never know what I'm going to get. 

      Are you seeing this at all?


      Aside from the broken aspect, I have been requesting all units to be available too. Dumb that we have to switch our document units to get it to work in metric.



    3. Btreen


      I just opened an old file and tried it. It shows elevations relative to sea level.

      copied the correctly behaving one to the other file and *wham* wrong elevation comes up.

      It seems strangely related to the document.

    4. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      Agreed, Totally dump that you can't specify units per individual object.

      I love the idea of unit styles, there's a post out thee somewhere.


      So far I am still able to use the elevation benchmark in 2019 and haven't seen the behaviour you are identifying. I set my model to the geodetic elevation, so storey 1 is usually the MFE at 30m or whatever it is and use the Y value relative of the elevation benchmark. I don't typically use it in 2D plan as if it changes from a 3D layer plane to 2D it forgets its value and resets. I use a data tag for the floor plan elevation markings.

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