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  1. I'd advice against this. It is all too easy to forget to include something - especially a something you don't think is in your model... Likewise easy to have a wrong label for the calculation cell. Well, at least for us mere mortals it is. At least one should have a cell that calculates the area of all walls and compares that to the sum of these individual calculations.
  2. Shaun, Comparing rendering and collision detection is, I think, misleading. The former can be ?good enough?, the latter can't. For the last week or so I have struggled (once again) with VW's terrain modeling and that is a much better point of reference: what use is a DTM or collision detection that is plain wrong? It appears that, under the circumstances, NNA cannot produce professional quality add-on or additional functionality. I believe that they have the skills, but not the resources.
  3. I do not disagree! The question in my mind is whether there is sufficient demand for this functionality inside VW, to pay for it. We do not want another half-baked module, do we?
  4. That depends. In a normal architectural project there are several design disciplines involved, using a number of different programs. It is much easier, in my opinion, if all parties provide their model in a single format and the clash detection is carried out with a (truly capable) separate program. The likelihood of (problem-causing) clashes in one's own design is, I think, relatively small, and can be further reduced by appropriate measures and use of intelligent objects (if available in your country.)
  5. So, the only one of ?those? applicable to daph does not work...
  6. Bruce, I'm not surprised: NNA works very hard to make the development and distribution of 3rd party add-ons difficult. Considering their stealth torpedo strategy, demonstrated again yesterday, I'm not going to make any detailed descriptions of my add-ons public! First they beg, then they steal.
  7. Luis, Could you elaborate? What AutoCAD viewers there are for the Macintosh? I'd like to download one.
  8. It's only a few years since they CLOSED their stuff!
  9. Hey, to make it better: contact the owner, tell him how to improve the site, contribute good stuff. A few brilliant freebies (you being a true pro, that shouldn't be too hard) and then a series of truly seriously compelling items for the market place. The reason why it hasn't taken off is, I believe, that the average VW user can't afford to pay even USD 20 for anything. Could it be that they are this desperate because they are not productive, relying only on NNA's stuff... Anyway, elsewhere? Pray tell! I have a lot of stuff I could put on the market.
  10. What is the course about ? AutoCAD draughting (often disguised as 'CAD technology' or '[your future profession] IT') or design? If the former, you may well fail. The translation is likely to be OK, but the result may not demonstrate a particularly high level of CAD-monkey skills that would provide you with Employment Prospects.
  11. This requirement can be dealt with eg. Solibri Model Checker, using IFC-data. See http://www.solibri.com/ for details. But obviously there are alternatives, since they say that ?A lot of tools can do interference detection, but a lot of them are just comparing geometry to geometry.?
  12. I don't think Apple has or will ever have any interest in CAD. It is, in their scale of things, a minuscule market.
  13. It is even easier if one uses =CriteriaArea as the formula. That returns the area in user-defined units.
  14. Ahh! That script renames all classes with a space in their names. (A quick modification of a stock script that I sometimes use immediately after import.) This is a bit cleverer: it renames only classes with names starting with the trigger string. PROCEDURE RenameClasses; { ? Petri Sakkinen 1997 - 2009 } CONST trigger = 'Set '; { change this as needed - note the space! } replacement = 'Set-'; VAR className, newName : STRING; i, j, n : INTEGER; BEGIN j := LEN(trigger); FOR i := 3 TO CLASSNUM DO BEGIN className := CLASSLIST(i); n := POS(trigger, className); IF (n=1) THEN BEGIN newName := className; DELETE(newName, 1, j); RENAMECLASS(className, CONCAT(replacement, newName)); END; END; END; RUN(RenameClasses);
  15. Shall we? I know this is totally out of character for me, but, Your Honours, I have no prior record of this kind of behaviour, so I plea for leniency. In the last three releases there have been various improvements that have made at least my work easier and more productive. In no order of significance, I'd like to nominate the following items as candidates for Truly Significant Recent Improvements: - General robustness - True referencing - Two-way worksheets - Explicit wall openings in symbols and PIOs, including the disappearance of the wall ?bottom plate? for doors. - 24-bit colour, named colours and editable colour palettes - Added function calls in VectorScript Finally, my nominees for the Nice Try But No Cigar Yet category are: - Site model - IFC
  16. You can certainly make a skylight: the mechanism is very much part of the package. It's desrcibed in VW Help in detail. Unfortunately it only works with roof objects, not roof faces, so I have to do them the hard way.
  17. You're welcome. It's a very old script, but you prompted me to finally update it to create rotated text. The best (only?) resource for learning VS is VectorLab. http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=Main_Page
  18. Try this: PROCEDURE ExtractAttribute; { ? Petri Sakkinen 1995 - 2009 } CONST rName = 'Emergency_rds_lineRec'; attr = 'Street'; VAR strData : STRING; x, y, dist, rotA : REAL; tangent, location : VECTOR; ok : BOOLEAN; obHd : HANDLE; BEGIN obHd := LSACTLAYER; WHILE NOT(obHd=NIL) DO BEGIN strData := GETRFIELD(obHd, rName, attr); dist := HPERIM(obHd)/2; ok := POINTALONGPOLY(obHd, dist, location, tangent); x := location.x; y := location.y; rotA := VEC2ANG(tangent); TEXTORIGIN(x, y); CREATETEXT(strData); HROTATE(LNEWOBJ, x, y, rotA); obHd := PREVSOBJ(obHd); END; END; RUN(ExtractAttribute); Set default text attributes to your liking before running it.
  19. I wouldn't know if you're correct or not. Maybe VW & RW are programmed so that they can't use all available RAM, perhaps to be Windows-compatible? And your point is?
  20. You are making strange assumptions about top designers. They are the ones that are always broke... But tell you what: for only USD 500 I can sell you a licence to use a script/menu command that generates CSV-text files of XYZ-coordinates! For USD 5000 you get the sole, world-wide rights to sell it royalty-free. For USD 50000, copyright & code, too.
  21. Changed cones to sweeps and now everything is hunky dory texturewise.
  22. I would not, but a friend of mine regularly works on Photoshop-files of 200MB or so and needs every byte of RAM he can get.
  23. There are other programs in the world... Some even use them.
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