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  1. Not using the wall tool does not sound economical at all. It can be used in 2D-only fashion, too. I find 3D much more economical than 2D, but then again, I consider the course of the entire project, not just the task at hand.
  2. Fair enough. The Model Set-up command & additional commands don't work for you? (No, they definitely don't work for me, either. One of the truly amusing details is that according to the Wizard of Tex, a building shall have no more than two basement levels.)
  3. Why do I think that setting up a template would do a lot of this work? Layers, classes, visibilities, class attributes, viewports, symbol libraries etc. all consistent through different projects.
  4. Of course it's an adjective, but I didn't know that it is measurable in time. In an easy-chair, is one supposed to sit only less than 10 minutes?
  5. (dialog) IF NOT DIDCANCEL THEN BEGIN main_program END; or, better still (dialog) IF NOT DIDCANCEL THEN main_program_as_a_procedure; END;
  6. Yes, Rahul, that's exactly what I mean. Instead of ?physically? rotating the plan, they should use the Rotate Plan feature, which does the rotation ?virtually?. (Also they should learn to use VW: I almost never rotate the plan and in my designs, angles are 90? only because of a good reason, derived from the circumstances. Nothing against right angles, though, some of my best friends are square.) After they've reinstated the project origin, they should place a reference marker there, eg. a locked locus on a specific layer, should they again manage to ?move the world?. It's all too easy to do. (If there is a truly serious shortcoming in VW, the lack of UCS is it.)
  7. Depends on the definition of easy. One could read the locations into an array while deleting the selected items, then place the symbols to these stored locations.
  8. It is likely that the landscape architect has ignored the project origin and orientation for one reason or another. Technically registration works just fine, it's a pity there are humans involved... Tell them to Set Origin appropriately (and also to turn off ?rulers? and possible rotated grids) and to start to use Rotate Plan instead of rotating the plan. (Yes, this does mean something!) Unfortunately in VW there is no UCS, so many users move the origin willy-nilly.
  9. There is. If you have the 2D & 3D components in different classes, you can make the 2D classes invisible and omit them in export.
  10. Carpalmer, You wouldn't, by any chance, have Rulers displayed? They are the Rulers of the World (Coordinates). It may seem handy to move the ruler origin, but doing so moves the entire World. When I use VectorWorks, said Humpty-Dumpty in a rather scornful voice, rulers mean exactly nothing, no more, no less. Therefore I turn them off.
  11. Right. I can't see where the problem might be! Your code looks OK. Unfortunately, I can't make valid comparisons to my PIOs of similar kind, because they are ?event-enabled?. (Did I mention voodoo? Well, event-enabling is santeria.) This works here: kResetEventID: BEGIN IF P1 THEN MakeThingOne; IF P2 THEN MakeThingTwo; IF P3 THEN MakeAnotherThingWithThingTwo; IF P4 THEN MakeThingThree; PlaceLoci; IF P5 THEN DrawSomething; IF P6 THEN DrawSomethingElse; END; (I'm inserting a number of instances of PIO2 twice.)
  12. Charles, It was not my intention to dismiss your information! Creating PIOs with VS is often voodoo: sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Petri
  13. Some of us have given up hope and created our own space tools, with a vastly larger scopes. (Admittedly, some of the some started to develop space tools before NNA did.)
  14. Sorry, no. Is that notation compulsory in Germany? (In many countries it is enough that the window shows its dimensions.) VW and ArchiCAD are different programs with different sets of functionality. There are plenty of things VW can do but ArchiCAD can't.
  15. 1. You can't. The dimension line is not able to query the height of the window. 2. You can. Apply dual dimensioning (you'll need to define a dimensioning standard) and enter the height manually (& suppress the actual dimension value.) In case of chain dimension, ungroup the dimension line and apply DD to the relevant part. 3. I don't think you can. The half-centimeter notation is not, AFAIK, possible. Unless the good people at ComputerWorks have done something magical.
  16. Curious. I double-checked this PIO that has three nested PIOs and it works just fine. (Found also another user interface issue...)
  17. I have several of such PIOs, point & path. They've been perfectly predictable. For such a configuration to make sense, there has to be a legitimate logical (or geometrical or positional) connection between the component PIOs, so that they can exchange information & inherit properties. One of my problem PIOs in this respect is one where I nest three PIOs inside one, without sufficient shared/inheritable data. Altogether these four have over 130 parameters, of which only some are inheritable, shareable or derivable. The user interface, OI (very much work in progress), is really problematic. It would be easy to split it by PIO, but that would not make much sense to the user. Splitting by workflow/decision-making would be ideal, but the combinations of simultaneously visible parameters changes in the course of a project. Even that can be technically handled, but for the poor user ? a mere mortal ? this is likely to be confusing. Anyway, Assembly: do you create any geometry in the ?main? PIO? Try placing even a locus.
  18. On the VectorLab site there is also a series of learned articles about dialogs by Orso B. Schmid. Of course one should not overlook the VS manual, either. (That's what we've done so far, but we hatesss dialogsss. They're bad user interface.)
  19. I can't see any conceptual difference in workspace customisation and other customisation, such as view bar. The purpose of the UI is not what a trainer or a consultant finds easier but what the user likes and needs.
  20. I can write a script that creates a dumb worksheet that lists all available PIOs records, but is there a query like =DATABASE(T=RECORD) which would allow me to list all PIOs/records and a function like = RECORDNAME to get their names? If not, why not?
  21. How stupid can one be! For years I've had the toggle-command in my kit (same as the now-standard menu command.) Only today I realised that I can have an explicit ?Do not cache? command, too. SETPREF(407, TRUE); instead of SETPREF(407, NOT(GETPREF(407)); Ah, well. Better late than never.
  22. I'd try an additional ResetObject() in the Combination Special. EnableParameter: When set to FALSE, the parameter cannot be changed by the user and this is manifested by graying the value. Useful eg. when a field is, depending on circumstances, used either for displaying a calculated value or entering a value. SetParameterVisibility: When set to FALSE, the parameter is hidden altogether. Useful in complex PIOs with too many parameters: some can be hidden when not relevant for the use. Can result in a confusing interface.
  23. This is ridiculous. The default vertical spacing for static text and fields is different and cannot be adjusted so that items would align vertically when using SETBELOWITEM. On the left, there is a one pixel shift; on the right, zero. Neither is acceptable. We have a perfectly good system that allows the programmer to control the location of each dialog element and that is going to be made obsolete and replaced by something that just does not work and in which the look is determined by NNA, not the programmer. Totally stupid.
  24. Right. I just have to stop upgrading, then, and advice my users to do the same. I can't waste time for these mundane tasks when my Excel dialog builder generates fully-functional dialogs in a fraction of time. I only need them for obscure settings of my parametric objects.
  25. I think Saved Views are an indispensable useful tool in the actual design process in various ways. To be fully utilised, they require a bit of work, though. My favourite is the ability to navigate to a location and have the ?scene set?. Take a hotel or some other complex building: how on earth could I otherwise quickly jump to the Sky Lounge interior or main kitchen layout!
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