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  1. Ridiculous indeed, but not in the way described. Why would one have to say "up" or "down" in the first place? If the arrow would always be "up", there'd be no issue or problem. Miraculously, us Europeans manage to get buildings built without any text related to stair direction. You see the arrow, you know it means "up". Easy, simple, unambiguous, error-free. We also know that stairs that go "up" also come "down".
  2. I'll give it a go. The generic 3D-world of VW does not assume a projection. There is no "Top/Plan" view. Any 3D-object can be created in any projection and rotated to any angle. Eg: You sweep a shape in front view and extrude another one in left view. How do you expect the resulting 3D-entities to be shown in "Top/Plan"? What if you would Multiple-extrude in Lower Left Rear Iso view? Floors, Columns and Roofs (those hybrids) are good options for building design of the tectonic kind.
  3. Do these even exist? What would be the "length" of a 3D object?
  4. Does Excel really have inquiry & database functions relevant to VW? Since when has Microsoft implemented all the functions available in VectorWorks? Not in my Excel (2008 for Mac).
  5. I take that "other programs" do not have any means of defining keyboard shortcuts? Shoud VW be the program with Shortcut Clairvoyance, connecting to your brain (if any) and assuming the shortcuts of whichever program you happen to be using at the time?
  6. With this little script. ( I've been in the same situation a few times.) -------------------------------------copy lines below PROCEDURE DelLociInSymDefs; { ? prit 2002 } VAR obHd : HANDLE; sdHd : ARRAY[1..1000] OF HANDLE; loci : ARRAY[1..100] OF HANDLE; sName : STRING; i, j, n, d : INTEGER; PROCEDURE AddToSymDefArray (h : HANDLE); BEGIN n := n+1; sdHd[n] := h; END; PROCEDURE AddToDeleteArray (h : HANDLE); BEGIN d := d+1; loci[d] := h; END; PROCEDURE DeleteThem; BEGIN FOR j := 1 TO d DO DELOBJECT(loci[j]); END; PROCEDURE DelLoci; BEGIN FOR i := 1 TO n DO BEGIN obHd := FINSYMDEF(sdHd); d := 0; WHILE obHd<>NIL DO BEGIN IF (GETTYPE(obHd)=17) THEN AddToDeleteArray(obHd); obHd := NEXTOBJ(obHd); END; IF d>0 THEN DeleteThem; END; END; BEGIN FOR i := 1 TO NAMENUM DO BEGIN obHd := GETOBJECT(NAMELIST(i)); IF GETTYPE(obHd)=16 THEN AddToSymDefArray(obHd); END; IF n>0 THEN DelLoci ELSE ALRTDIALOG('No symbol definitions found'); REDRAWALL; END; RUN(DelLociInSymDefs);
  7. I've submitted a bug a couple of weeks ago on this subject. Seems to be a black hole... It would be very nice to get at least an acknowledgement. Maybe even feedback!
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