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  1. Is it really worse to be a Mac addict than a devotee of His Divine Lordship William Gates, the 10th incarnation of Shiva? Maha-Windows-mantra: Hare Windows, hare Windows, hare Gates, hare Gates. Windows, Windows, Gates, Gates, Hare Gates, Hare Windows! Edit: Bhaktivedanta Sri William Gates's surname is pronounced "gahtees". Do not forget that every penny you earn is just prasadam from Your Sweet Lord.
  2. You might want to contact Ultirender in Helsinki for Universal doors & windows. http://www.ultirender.com/
  3. And message writing... Raymond C'mon, Raymond! I gather that Christiaan represents quite a few users. At least I do. This is a constant source of frustration and error to my users. I'm not sure if the said preference variables are documented, but surely they exist somewhere. I have already replaced my users' Print command with a command that does other things, too (eg. date stamps title blocks.) Hey, let's be positive out there! If someone can give me the preference variable references, in less than half an hour I can create a menu command that will save Christiaan's people countless hours.
  4. Standards, schtandards. We all love to read and decipher, interpret and misinterpret. EDIT Wasn't there a proud and glorious country that made a magnificent contribution to cosmology but almost failed because of dual standards of dimensioning?
  5. (Yet to test- or even to assess - Jeffrey's concept.) Complexity can also mean flexibility and freedom.
  6. Bonus, You've made my day! EDIT Sweden is, as far as I know, the only country where escalators have signs saying "Ej upp" (not up). But there we go: a "key" (of a lock) is in Finnish "avain" (an opening device), in German "schl?ssel" (a closing device; I refrain from verbing the meanings). Do we open or close our doors & locks? Ascend or descend our stairways to heaven?
  7. Have you? Interesting... Well, I wouldn't have bought new batteries for my ancient Casio stopwatch if I had not felt renderings of exactly same files to be slower. The most pronounced differencies were with image props. Probably need to test with normal geometry only.
  8. Right. Viewport renderings. Design layer renderings are 4-8x slower in VW 2009 than they were in VW 2008. (Yes, I did use a stopwatch. Made notes.)
  9. Miguel, Don't get me wrong! I'd prefer to be able to work in long/lat coordinates. However, I gather that cadasters in most countries are based on Cartesian coordinates in a local projection. I frequently need to interact with GIS-systems; in fact so frequently that some 15 years ago I wrote a MapInfo MID/MIF export filter for VW. The client bodies have been perfectly happy, even with areas of hundreds of square kilometers. My stuff has registered perfectly with theirs.
  10. Areas and volumes, too! But how? Actually I believe that this entire aspect belongs to the PIO programmer. In my objects I may have the relevant parameter fields, often hidden in the OI, but able to be reported. I don't use many (in fact use hardly any) NNA's objects. I have the recollection that eg. path objects display & report areas & perimeters wrongly. I hope I'm wrong here... EDIT I realise that EAP is not a PIO per se, but maybe all complex constructs could be considered as objects, not as primitives? Just a thought...
  11. Right, OK. I've noticed these new functions; now I know what the are. And they appear to be very good! Now If I only could get roofs reported in the first place...
  12. Bruce, I work with data provided by the client. Nowadays I get polygons and am expected to provide those. Mainly Local Government Authorities, but occasionally State/National ones, such as Road Auhtorities. Until at least now, Cartesian coordinates have sufficed. (Obviously the National Government's land management system - based on MicroStation - does not do long/lat. I have the feeling that the actual, physical equipment of, say, road construction companies, is also based on local flat earth. Just this morning I saw a theodolite on a site, instead of a GPS device providing millimiter accuracy. But then again, it could just be the technological backwardness of Finland: the Dominican Republic could well be decades ahead of us. (They come with much less baggage!) Well, whatever. I've never used the property line tool.
  13. By and large we have only stacked stairs. OK: in some countries there are still some people living in detached houses of perhaps only two stories, but I'd assume that by now the majority of Europeans live in real cities, in apartment buildings. The arrow is always, unambigously, without exception, up. Simple and language-independent. But whatever: I'd be happy for any CAD-program to adopt YL?S for up and ALAS (not intended...) for down, based on the U. S. of Arrogants Minority Rule Principle.
  14. Have I? Or have you, ErirchR, the Wizard of MA (a country that does not exist.) Excel can only deal with explicit (given) values. There are hundreds of functions that can process the numeric values you have entered in the table. OK. I'm AutoCAD-ignorant, so tell me does Excel, in conjunction with AutoCAD, really enable one to generate reports about the ACAD-drawing? The total length of lines on a layer, drawn with a 0,25 mm red pen? The parameters of an object? List polygons whose area is less than 1 m2? I still can't find any Excel-functions relevant to CAD. Please, oh ye exulted brownhorn, advise!
  15. Hey, Mr. N. of N. A.! This seems to be a very, very good discussion on an important subject. A certain Mr. Carr, of Sydney, NSW, wrote an excellent article about it for Janis Kent's last (?) book many a moon ago. You would do a great service for the community (and reap the benefits) should you commission Julian to update his treatise to be incorporated in VW documentation. On a retainer, mind you, with Mr. Stanford as a collaborator & contributur. So, now we have "concat"... I may get even "ifs" to work (but what about "buts"? No, this is not actually flippant or frivolous! The key word is "set theory".)
  16. Not that I'd have any use for the roof object, but... I can't get roofs reported in a worksheet at all! I'm looking at a Roof. I'm saying "Create Report", "Objects with a Record". No "Roof" available in the pop-up. VW 2009, SP 1.
  17. Selected legs? Sorry: a polygon is an object (in a sense at least) and we select the entire polygon. I have no idea what "bearings" and "distances" are since here in Europe we deal either with dimensions or coordinates. The latter usually (=always) as Cartesian x/y/z. My surveyors & the cadastral databases I get provide coordinates. The said surveyors are also quite happy with the coordinates I provide. They are either implied in a CAD-document or explicit in a data file even a dilettante as yours truly can generate with a 20-line VectorScript. Maybe I don't quite get your point, but I've been able to get things constructed. Notwthstanding: on a site (a public park) none of the data I provided was ever used. The bulldozer drivers had my drawing in front of them and used that as a map. Not a single stake to be seen.
  18. One of the subjects I've tried to avoid... Wasted way too many hours in trying to get referencing to work in a meaningful way. Christiaan, I'll take your word on this and shall set up a test case & report back.
  19. Fascinating! Sweden colonized Finland for some 800 years, until Russians finally freed us in the last war Sweden has ever fought, 1808-1809 (The Russia - Sweden match: 200 to nil, but the Finnish casualties were , as usual, quite high.). And now this subject of the pathetic descendant of the phenomenally unsuccessful Marhsal of Napoleon, Count Bernadotte, still thinks that Sweden, the land of non-innovation, still rules the world. My, my.
  20. You're most welcome. I think the total level of knowledge of the World (Earth, Humankind, population) in the U. S. of A. just has at least doubled. The ability to point to the direction of the largest economy - the E.U. - is yet another thing. In CA (whatever that is), where do you point to when asked to point towards Europe?
  21. Good point: one does not necessarily want to lose the loci since they may have a purpose. At least my script can easily be modified to classify them. Just change PROCEDURE DeleteThem; BEGIN FOR j := 1 TO d DO DELOBJECT(loci[j]); END; to PROCEDURE ClassifyThem; BEGIN FOR j := 1 TO d DO SETCLASS(loci[j], 'The Invisible Class'); END; and IF d>0 THEN DeleteThem; to IF d>0 THEN ClassifyThem; (Ideally also some other changes in the nomenclature.)
  22. Well, you are. Among other things you assume that all intelligent life forms in the universe speak (and read) the peculiar dialect of English used in your country (with some 4% of the population of even this planet.) Here in the civilized part of this planet, we speak tens of languages and get along very well. Most Americans can't even point to the direction of Europe or mention a single country in the European Union (population roughly 500 million. I guess I need to tell you that the population of the United States of Arrogance is roughly 300 million.)
  23. Erich, I fail to see how Excel's functions could be made relevant to VW. What Excel-functions would eg. calculate lengths, perimeters, areas, volumes or 3D-locations of VW-objects? Pull out parameters of PIOs? Sorry - and not wanting to start a war - but we are talking about two entirely different worlds here. A simple spreadsheet table (Excel) and a sophisticated, focused database reporting engine (VW's worksheets). Not that I woud not like VW to have two-way ODBC-connectivity to a real relational database system, but that's another story.
  24. Actually, Christiaan, it is not a workaround (sorry, Ozzie) but a consistent method. I hear what you're saying, but at least I don't want another UI complexity. FBOW, Saved Views are the way to go in this respect. Looking at a recently completed renovation job of a large, more or less irregular apartment building facing three streets of arbitrary angles. I have 12 plan rotations and I really like to have them named! I have absolutely no idea what the angles actually are and am not a bit interested. I'm pretty sure that in Londinium the same applies.
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