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  1. Sorry. I think I know what you mean, but having spent several months full time in programming Window and Door objects that comply with the Finnish practise (and can probably be Magyarized quite easily...), I don't think I'll just "share" my solution of thousands of lines of incomprehensible code. The NNA door and window objects work only in the U.S. of A. (and, as I understand, not necessarily even there.) You can't localize them in any way. Yes, you're stuck.
  2. Some Greenhorn we have here... Are you aware of the TextWrangler language module by the esteemed VS guru Orso B. Schmidt? It is not a reference manual, but at least it'll tell you when you've made a typo. As comes to SCS-INC-VSFR: invaluable! But I'm not quite sure it is is maintained to be comprehensive. VectorLab, on the other hand, is a cornucopia of Really Useful Stuff. http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=Main_Page Then there's the VW Developer Network: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=Main_Page Unlike VectorLab, the Network does not accept contributions by Mere Mortals. Charles? Orso? Vlado? Any comments?
  3. The angle you are after is a property of the wall in which the window or door has been inserted to. From the Window's point of view: it lives in the World of the Wall. When the angle of the Wall changes, the Window just inherits the rotation. A good point anyway! I must explore the possibility of calculating the (solar) orientation of my non-US windows...
  4. OK. Fixed, improved etc. Ready to ship for Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule. Not to mention that cows, goats, wells and improved dry latrines are welcome at any time of the year in countries where 10? per week is a handsome income for a family. So, at 10? per user (licence, that is, not per firm): any takers? Hey, you can even pay more, if you like! I'm sure that eg. UNICEF, Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontieres can use every penny! If you wish to get the menu command & donate, send me a Private Message. I do not have a "distribution mechanism".
  5. I don't think we can, but this is a brilliant wish list item! Off the top of my head: the ability to be WGRd could be a layer property.
  6. Actually that is the main purpose of my script... However, if there is only one object selected and that is in class "None", you are prompted for a new class name. (This is one of the things I'd need to improve: the command should remember the name of the previously created class and use that as the prompt.)
  7. What you obviously are after, is doable. If you are serious about this, you do need to have an external database system as well - and FileMaker is a very good one for this. The trick is to make everything generic in such a manner that all data coming from VW are structured so that there is only one quantity table. This can, I believe, achieved with reports and exports of those, but it's not going to be easy. I'm lucky. I don't use any NNA's built-in objects, only what I've created myself. I also can quantify ?drawing objects? using the same database structure. So, I may have to issue the "Quantify" command a few times, but at the end of the day, I can export a database, delete the records in the FMP database and import new data and I'm hunky dory.
  8. No worries, mates! I've just discovered how I can get a new IP address at will. Coming up with a new nickname every two weeks or so will be my next problem.
  9. Well, I have written such a script (in 1999.) Very handy indeed, but would benefit of some improvements - thanks for reminding me! I might even put in in Public Domain as a menu command. Or as a 10? piece of CharityWare: the user pays 10? to a non-religious charity. Concept by Yours Truly - a phenomenally unsuccessful concept so far, with only some 2000? collected: the stingy (or financially totally unsuccessful - could that be because they use VW?) VW users want everything to be totally free! Meanwhile, you could check if there is one already at VectorDepot.
  10. No. I just use another IP address until Robert Anderson gets about and prevents me from even seeing the messages here.
  11. Curious. I think I have complex drawings (10 MB at least.) I use the Paint Bucket Polygon all the time. No crashes to write home about. BTW: I actually do mean that this is really, really curious! Obviously there is some fundamental unpredictability: this OS and that CPU (or vice versa), so much RAM of that kind or not that much RAM of this kind, use of trackpad or use of mouse, smoking tobacco or not chewing gum while using VW... The medicin-man will always have an explanation: check your video card driver. I have spoken.
  12. Curious. When I just do straight work (including complex 3D with totally inadequate hardware), I get hardly any crashes. But then again, I do not use any NNA plug-ins, only ones I've created myself. I edit text, though...
  13. In my scenario we wouldn't restrict access. There would be no reason to. But there is! You can't have two people competing on the editing of objects: one pushing, the other one pulling.
  14. ArchiCAD. SketchUp. DesignWorkshop. Depends on the curriculum. (You don't mention the country you live in, not to speak of the school you're going to attend.) Anyway, many firms that use Revit, ArchiCAD, Autodesk ADT, Bentley Architecture or VectorWorks, actually employ SketchUp as their conceptual design software.
  15. The Designer, of course. All Designers make design decisions on behalf of the Users. Well, at least Architects do. (Is this Design In Question good? No!)
  16. Dear Gent of Belges (the bravest of all Gauls): the article should have appeared much earlier!
  17. This is By Design. Even a Line type of object (eg. a glazed wall) loses tits graphical resizing capablity when inserted into a wall.
  18. Exactly. I'd rather keep the current system than have it replaced, but ideally one would have them both in use simultaneously. The Architect's all data would normally be in the Single File and consultants' data in separate, transient reference files.
  19. And what do you know! I may have found the solution: there is a pop-up widget! http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=VS:Parametric_Custom_Shape_Pane Hopefully I can get it to work for my purposes.
  20. Lyndsey, I intend to do that when I know what I'm doing! But why not indeed discuss the matter here first. What I hope to do is to replace certain dialogs in parametric objects with pop-ups that have value lists generated programmatically. At present I have dialogs for choosing a - symbol, so that one first chooses a folder (thus avoiding the imported AutoCAD blocks unless the user has placed them into a folder) - wall style - hatch to be used by the object. I should also have a dialog for choosing a class from a filtered set, eg. those with the prefix "MATERIAL-", but there are only so many hours in a day. Ideally, for each object and instance of it, the user would be able to determine which classes are relevant for a component of the object. I believe that most users do not like classes called "Style-n". All in all, from my point of view: the control of PIO pop-up value lists should be given to the end user, according to syntactic rules set by the developer, but using arguments defined by the user.
  21. I've probably been confusing and inaccurate, if not even misleading, esp. as comes to what the dialogs in my objects actually do. What if I explain these things in email, Lyndsey? It may well be that what I now do is doable in a Modern Way, but ideally I'd like to get rid of dialogs altogether. They are, by and large, Bad User Interface.
  22. Bad news but exemplary communication! To those of us who use dialogs only when there is no other option, this is a bummer. Unless... I'll take the liberty to correspond with Lyndsey, but in short: if we get the ability to programmatically generate pop-up value lists to PIO OI, I'm easy. Why? Well, my users may have hundreds of irrelevant classes and thousands of equally irrelevant symbols in their imported files. I'm not exaggarating! In my feeble, dilettante attempts with Modern Dialogs I've been totally defeated. We hatess dialogss.. I'll report back, if there's anything to report.
  23. There's a first for everything, Jeffrey... (I refrain from saying that you make me laugh every time you write.) I've actually found VW 2009 to be remarkably free of odd errors & problems. If one can tolerate the slower rendering (RenderWorks is now at about 20% from what it used to be), the various improvements & refinements are well worth the money. One needs to spend a few hours with preferences, though. The Trade Show defaults are, by and large, counter-productive and I have quite a few old users who are not amused at all. Technologywise, this release seems to be quite mature. (Except for IFC! Neither Tekla Strucures nor Revit can interpret VW's IFC. Oh, Solibri can't either, but who cares - that it just the Industry Standard. NavisWorks occasionally can, which is surprising, because mostly it, I hear, fails with at least ADT and Revit. Ladies and gentlemen: place your bets on the IFC compatibility roulette. Your odds are... NIL!)
  24. Syntax? OK, my short and miserable experience of AutoCAD is from 1996 or thereabouts, so things may have changed. At that time, AutoCAD's syntax was verb-object. Vectorworks has object-verb syntax.
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