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  1. I am brand new to the bulletin board... how do I find your email Geoff? I am interested in VW training. I could come to Seattle.
  2. I have noticed that other folks have some of the same problems that I am having. I thought maybe it was just me. I received VW 9 and Architect 9 a few days ago and have noticed some odd things. No trim tool, many key strokes are not working like in 8.5, the zoom cursor has been changed (no big deal, just annoying after getting used to the + sign in 8.5), when scrolling the redraw (?) is jumpy rather than smooth. I do not think it is my machine for it wasn't doing it in 8.5 a few days ago. I am on a G4, 9.o.2 OS with 192 MB. Lastly for now... I am new to CAD as of 1.2000. I looked around a bit and chose VW. All my drawings were hand-drawn before that. I was very excited to get a COMPUTER and do my drawings in that format. The manual was horrible on the first 3 readings, so I plunked down cash to get the tutorail disk... wow, not much better. NOW I am thinking of going to a seminar, and boy am I primed for dissappointment. Computer software is not all that easy for me at first... until someone shows me how to use it. Does any one have suggestions on how to really learn this program? No one in my area uses VW. Are the seminars worth the cost? Are other people having key stroke woes?
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