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  1. sorry for the delay, VP in annotation mode placed on a worksheet. My workaround has been to zoom by using "C" [window zoom method] and stay at that level until I exit the VP annotation. If it does disappear, then I have to either "undo" until Im out of anno mode or restart the program. This is almost feels like the programmers had fun with a glitch and put a "done" button that does nothing but confuse and befuddle.
  2. also, not sure if the culprit is the upgrade to SP2, but didn't notice this under SP1 or before.
  3. the model disappears when zooming in under annotation mode, and gives me an "done" dialog button [similar to "exit group" button]. However, this button does not function at all. see pic of before after
  4. sorry, I tried that first and then couldn't find a parametric constraint over the facet simplification in help [other software show this option in the OIP]. The res control wouldn't apply {i think} because it was set the set in v08. If I had it on Extreme the model would become unworkably slow.
  5. As shown in image below, Im having a similar issue it seems. these are all nurbs circles that are extruded along path. All are being cut in section [the one to the far left is the only one cut straight on. As it shows the geometries are both : being simplified to polygons, and are being deformed into what can only be described as cloud like formations. I also created the original geometry in 2008 and then went back and redrew the nurbs circles with 2009 [for problems with severe faceted simplification] image]http://fonner.nicholas.googlepages.com/Picture1.jpg/Picture1-full;init:.jpg[/img] any thoughts?
  6. also, I forgot to mention that Im using 2009 architect [updated signature] and that the issue above was not a problem in 2008 [drawing files were all batch updated for working in 2009]
  7. I am having issues with vp s in worksheets slowing down to the point of inactivity when I try and select the vp and either update it or try to get to annotation mode. It happens after I've been in VW for a little while. After I quit VW and reopen, the problem seems fixed for a while. I think it may be an issue with the vp cache. any thoughts. thanks
  8. not sure what the logic/cost cutting thought process is behind omitting the operating manuals for 2008 / 2009 by NNA. Its really frustrating to have to refer to VW 12 manuals while using 2009. Its simply not acceptable to outsource this vital piece.
  9. have patience > this may be a noob question, but do I have to have "renderworks" to apply textures to 3d elements even just to see in opengl render mode? It seems like this feature set is pretty basic even for a program like sketchup and can't figure out why this is tethered to a rather expensive package [for what it does] like renderworks. PS I have more than enough experience with long list of 3d apps... but, again, am a VW noob [please correct if wrong] thanks
  10. thanks for the response. the problem is that I am using the "send" command to change the stacking order of the floors and walls within the design layer. However, after I change to another view, sheet, vp, etc... this change is undone. therefore I think it must be a glitch in VW. right?
  11. Having a problem where the class containing all floors on a layer are appearing in front of the class containing all walls on the same layer. I have tried the "send to back" command for the floors, but as soon as I switch layers, vp's, sheets... and then come back, the floors are back to the front. This is really frustrating in the sheet layer that I've designated as the "floor plans" where I have settled for just turning off the floors class to print. [using anno's to hide objects behind] Also, I tried using the "respect design layer viewport overrides" option for the sheets after sending the floors class to the back, but to no success. Is it simply a class hierarchy issue or a "glitch" in the software that does not respect object viewing order according to height. any help is greatly appreciated.
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