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  1. Morgan Pileggi

    deleting worksheets

    Thanks Ray, funny that the VW help files do not include anything about this...
  2. Morgan Pileggi

    deleting worksheets

    how do i delete worksheets?
  3. Morgan Pileggi

    Ginormous files

    if you are regularly sending large files (or exchanging many files) it would make sense to set up an ftp site. bandwidth and storage is very cheap these days.
  4. Morgan Pileggi

    30-60 ISOMETRIC

    Blink you are confused. the actual object has a 90 degree corner, but the corner is not 90 in the isometric views (30+30+120 = 180). the advantage of the isometric view is that all the line lengths are correct, but this is only possible if the angles are 'incorrect'
  5. Morgan Pileggi

    window IDs

    i don't have a problem with the built-in data. my problem is when i annotate my floor plans with the ID Labeler tool, I have to manually (auto-increment works) enter the Prefix and ID for each label. I would like the Labeler tool to pull the data out of the object so i do not have to worry about getting IDs mixed up (and save time). on my version of VW (11.0) the data settings only have the On Schedule check box and two fields ( manufacturer and stock number). i have to use the Data tab to set the other fields.
  6. Morgan Pileggi

    Log homes

    here is a simple sample, like peter said, finalize the design before adding the logs. I have done some timber frames this way, lots of time making all the extrusions, but the up side is the joint details are all there
  7. Morgan Pileggi

    window IDs

    how to i get the ID label tool to automatically label windows ( and doors) with the ID data from the window object. the rest of the field data gets pulled out. my window schedules then use the label ID instead of the data from the object.
  8. Morgan Pileggi

    Log homes

    i would extrude the logs and stack them manually, but that is probably going to be too much work unless you are working on a simple box. let's see what the experts come up with...
  9. Morgan Pileggi

    trouble rendering multiple layers

    Thanks Dave; I do not have a stack layers button, ( i'm using VW11), or at least it does not appear in the upper right. searching the help files did not turn up anything about a stack layers button, is this a later feature? anyway setting up a viewport did work, though i lost my drawing border (it is a sep. design layer). i was able to cut and paste it into the viewport. i had been doing everything with design layers and toggling visibilities to create final drawings for printing. kind of crude i know, but better then when i started using VW. i was drawing each sheet individually just using the 2d drawing tools. ( and before that it was pencils and rapidographs...)
  10. Morgan Pileggi

    trouble rendering multiple layers

    i'm just starting to explore renderworks, so i am sure i am making some mistake, but i can't get multiple layers to render at the same time. for example i have my roof, walls and foundation on separate layers. i can see everything in wireframe and in shaded polygon modes, but when i try to use openGL or one of the renderworks modes everything disappears except the top layer. I've tried adding layer links but that does not seem to help. individual layers render fine if i turn the other layers off what am i missing? thanks
  11. Morgan Pileggi

    Adding a picture from camera to create a background

    yes you can (i am using VW11, but i assume that VW2008 is pretty close). first upload the picture from the camera to your computer. from the file menu choose Import=>Import Image File choose the image file you want to use and click the open button, the image will be inserted into the current layer. you can then change the size of the image as you would a rectangle. You do not have to create a new layer, though it might be a good idea depending on what else you are using the house object(s) for. I have only done this with jpg images, not sure what other image formats will work. usually the house will stand out as, well, a drawing on a photo. it will blend better if you run the image though some filters using photoshop or some other paint type program
  12. Morgan Pileggi

    need help with window schedules

    thanks, i had used a leading 0 (add 00 if you will be going over 100), maybe the space looks better, but i am still not happy with it, seems like there must be some way to gain control over the schedule order
  13. Morgan Pileggi

    need help with window schedules

    i am having a problem with my window (and door) schedules: i have not been able to figure out how to change the order of the windows (or doors) as they appear in the schedule. i typically number my windows sequentially (w1,w2,w3..) this works fine until i hit window#10. #10 will appear after #1, not after #9. i run into the same thing with all my custom schedules as well. any ideas? thanks, Morgan Pileggi Engineered Solutions i am using VW11 on a macbook pro.


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