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  1. I am looking for someone to make me a script in python or marionette. Let me know if you are interested. thanks ric
  2. In VW, I hear that the maximum distance from origin is about 2 or 3 miles. ( it starts to round calculations- all programs have a limit i think) Anything outside of that can make Vectorworks act unexpectedly and give inaccurate information. I sometimes do surveys with VW and once in a while a large job gets much bigger than expected. I called tech support, they were not positive on the real number, is there anyway to find out EXACTLY what that number is so i can make sure i am not having errors? I also hear that some other programs can go about 20 miles from origin. Are there any plans for VW to improve on this anytime in the future? if not, can you mention it to the landmark guys. maybe someday they can make it happen.:)) Thanks ric VW 2017 macbook PRO early 2016 version 16g ram 2gb video
  3. Yes, this happens to me big time, its impossible to use the program.
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