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  1. This is a great tool DWork! My suggestions are: 1. Put the time on a different line than the date. We will always want the date to appear on our title block, but the time is usually only helpful for interoffice referencing. If the time was on a different line, we could turn it off prior to client meetings or permit issues... 2. Options for date & time appearance. IE: we like to write 2008.11.21, Fri. It's minor, but worth noting. 3. I know it's been mentioned, but a batch print option would make this perfect! This is a great script! I hope my input is useful. Tim
  2. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the reply. Our office works with custom residential in Austin, TX. Our drawing standards do not need the specificity of the organizations you mentioned. In fact, I like to actually draft a symbol of the fixture that is spec'd (i.e. a Modern Fan Co. ceiling fan to its exact dims...). It is great to have the ANSI/ISO/NECA standards as presets, but it would be even better if there was a custom symbol feature similar to the one "gmm18" describes in this thread. Also, an "electrical legend" tool would be a fantastic time-saver! It could be similar to a worksheet that incorporated symbols or images.
  3. PERFECT!!! This IS a great tool. Thank you for the very helpful reply! Best
  4. This seems like a really useful tool, but I cannot figure out how to use it... I placed the .vsm in the plug-in folder. I copied and pasted the text in the VS Editor. Then I am lost... Can anybody help? Also, explain to an intermediate use what this tool actually does... Thanks!
  5. Being that work has s l o w e d in the office, I thought it would be a perfect time to really explore the capabilities of VW_2008. I am a little disappointed with how complicated some of the more advanced interfaces can be (although they seem to be improving). One of the ones I am struggling with is editing PIO's. The electrical PIO's (i.e. switches, receptacles, & fixtures) are great with the exception of their graphical appearance. Is there any way to edit the graphics of a PIO for a switch or receptacle or fixture? IE: If I place an incandescent fixture and designate it as a wall sconce, the "arm" of the symbol extends too far from the wall. I do not want to scale it, because the other shapes are just right.
  6. Hi all, Is there any way to edit the size of text in a PIO (ie: Receptale w/ Config Lable "GFIC"). I know you can set the text size prior to creation, but can it be adjusted after it is placed? Thanks, Tim


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