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  1. I add all my figures in in Photoshop. I have collected a clip art collection of them from video grabs, magazines, and other clip art collections. (There are few out there that you can buy. Take a look at http://www.imagecels.com/) One tick for keeping the figure in scale is to add a 3-d figure of marker in the rendering in your model then Photoshop the figure on top of it. You may still need to adjust a little. And don't forget to give the figure a shadow and some floor reflection. ajs, I will try to use the preview tool. But I need my output to be at least 150 dpi. Dose the preview tool only output at 72dpi? troypwms, some great stuff. The trim looks great and the white on white is really sharp. How did you wrap it around the columns? Has anyone played with RW 9? Is it any better. I have been reading a lot on these board about the bugs in VW9. I was planning to upgrade this month but I think that I should wait a little. Thanks, GBLyth.
  2. GBlyth

    Fix the Forum

    I have been trying to post a message to threads to a while now but keep getting: "We cannot post this because the Forum Name being submitted does not match the forum name we have listed in our records." Well it seem that Nemetschek changed the name to this forum from "Rendering" to "Renderworks/Rendering" but all the older message threads still want to call it "Rendering" and the severing is getting confused. Hey, Nemetschek ever heard the saying "If it aint broke, don't fix it"? Well now you broke it. So, please fix it. GBlyth
  3. Thanks. I do have done most of my past rendering work in Photoshop and have just started to add color 3d models to my work. So, I know lot of Photoshop tricks. Here is a link that is a total Photoshop rendering (I used VW To make a very basic 3-model for the perspective.) http://members.bellatlantic.net/~gblyth/fox_sports.htm I add all the lens flares, figures, curtains, and computer screens in with Photoshop. I spend a lot of time working with the RW lights control. (I started as a theater designer and learned early the importance of good lighting.) I will also use Photoshop to go in a burn and dodge walls or flooring to give a more natural shadowing effect. I like RW because I have been using VW for so long and it is somewhat simple to use. But I feel that I am pushing as far as it will take me. I want to upgrade to VW & RW 9. Can anyone tell me if they are great improvements? Also, can anyone help me with this. If I want to output a Lightworks Raymaker image from VW to .jpg, I need to do a screen render first and then I have to re-render to an output file (typically at 2500 x 1600 pixels @ 150 pixels per inch). Is there any way to avoid rendering two times? Is this fixed in RW9? This summer I am planning to attempt to learn 3Dstudio Max. Has anyone worked with this program? Thanks GBlyth [This message has been edited by GBlyth (edited 04-20-2001).]
  4. I have some of my work at http://www.blythdesign.com. Most of it was done in Renderworks 8 and Potoshop 6.0. Let me know what you think. Thanks. GBlyth [This message has been edited by GBlyth (edited 04-19-2001).]
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