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  1. Dear all, Having a bit of trouble with file sizes when using design layer viewports (DLVP's). When referencing files and creating just a few DLVP's the file size gets very big very quick, it seems that absolutely every bit of information gets referenced. We used to use the 'traditional' method of referencing files and choosing which design layers you wanted to reference which then appeared as italics in the design layers. Whilst you were unable to crop, move or rotate the referenced layer, the file sizes remained relatively small. I am worried that we will have to go back to the 'traditional' method of referencing as a file size of 190mb is almost unworkable because it is so slow. Is anyone else having this problem or are we doing something fundamentally wrong when using DLVP's? Thanks Tom
  2. It sounds like the same problem albeit with tags instead of symbols. I've submitted this potential bug to Nemetschek, hopefully it'll get included in a service pack update. Tom
  3. If you group insulation you can pull it about modifying the length without it flipping on you. Not ideal but I do it a lot to get round the problem which vectorworks has had for a long time. Tom
  4. I've found that zooming further in usually solves this problem of vectorworks not trimming correctly. The new 'Z' command in 2009 is a real boon.
  5. Hello everyone. First time poster, long time reader. Odd stuff is happening in Vworks 2009 Architect. In sheet files where a viewport is rotated, symbols which contain rectilinear shapes in them do not rotate with the viewport meaning they appear at wonky angles. The odd thing is that if you switch to the design layer listed in the drop down menu in italics and then return to the sheet layer the symbols magically right themselves. However, if you update the reference file the symbols return to their wonky ways. Surely this is a 2009 glitch? Tom
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