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  1. I have 3D objects on multiple layers, and I do not want to put them all on one layer. I've noticed though that when rendering, only the active layer gets rendered. same goes for changing views. Is there any way to render (or change views) of all of the layers at once? its just tedious to go through each layer and set the view and render them separately.
  2. Najmy

    lighting a cyc

    you may not be able to with an actual 3D symbol of what ever cyc light you are using IRL. for some reason, I've found that some times when you convert something to a lighting instrument they won't actually produce light in rendering. that being said. the symbols for ETC lights do produce light, so if you want to fudge it a little, you can place a 90? S4 (or smaller degree if you want, but generally cyc lights are 90? or more) in your document, create a focus point just behind your cyc, focus the light to that point, turn it on and give it color in the visualization palate and then render! that will make light on your cyc!
  3. I have been doing some drafting for a USA/IATSE designer and ran into this issue, as I am a student and only have an EDU. version of VW. But I have found a solution that worked for us. Export your drawings as a DWG file, then import the DWG to the non-student version of VectorWorks.
  4. Is there a setting or a way to stop the visualization palete from refreshing to the top of the list after a light is turned on?
  5. When I place an instrument using the inst. insertion tool, some times the beam and field angles are different from one instrument to another. For instance, I placed a Source Four 26; beam angle 1 was 17, beam angle 2 was 23; field angle 1 was 25 and field angle 2 was 34. Then I placed another one and both of the beam angles were 17 and both field angles were 25. Why does this happen and is there any way to fix it? It has gotten me confused, and I'm not sure which set of angles is better to use.
  6. thanks for that quick response.
  7. I have built a plot with scenery in 3D and I am wanting to use this to make renderings. I wanted to know if anyone knew of a way to change the name of the instruments as they are listed in the visualization window? the names are something like 1004.1.1.1 NNA for each light, which makes it very hard to keep track of which light I'm dealing with from that window.


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