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  1. Yup! it installed for me too! guess I won't be getting any cheese now! There is however that minor hickup that says the destination file(VW2009) doesn't seem to exist!......Guess I'll be sippin my chardonnay!
  2. Help is on the way! Called tech help!
  3. Wow! I was going to "whine" about this myself, but I thought.....will there be any cheese with that whine? I have the same problem. SP2 will not install. I download, unzip, click install and it I get "I don't need this because I am up to date" message. However the build number is still from SP1. I don't have the E series. I was just going to wait and call tech help this morning again. (SP1 did almost the same thing). Also I always must click "Browse" the folder even though VWA2009 is right there it says I don't have it and I have to click all the way through my folders to get to the VW folder that it says I don't have. I have always wondered if the space shuttle software has problems like this! Either way, help is only a call away!
  4. Does anyone know what directory the "viewnamestds,classnamestds, and layernamestds files are in?
  5. Pat, thanks, I tried that and when I "sum" in the column It changes the count from 32 to 1. I click the header row to activate the "sum" button, drag the sum button to the column and the count goes to 1. Terry
  6. RuthKingsbury, Try the "spreadsheet reports" discussion. there is a lot of great information on that topic. I am not sure if you can do what you want to do. For instance, if I use 32 of a particular size anchor or j-bolt in a concrete wall I will get the totals in the "header row" and then 32 rows of that J-bolt, which is an enormous waste of space and paper if printing.
  7. A Vectorworks2009 update that doesn't totally screw up your personal settings would be great!
  8. Runtime is from the time you ask your computer to start a program to the time you close it or shut the computer down. There is a list of runtime error codes at asknerd.com. There are also programs to scan your computer for the problem.
  9. What does #OBJ? or #CVAL? mean when entering a formula into formula line/cell? I use the same formula in other cells and the information I want is imported, however for some reason this doesn't work in this row of cells. It's not a header row, there are no header rows, it's only a spreadsheet.
  10. Hugues, Thank you, Yes I use the AEC-> Dimension walls command. I also knew about the connect walls button, but had forgotten about it, I called the tech and she reminded me. However, Using the cursor to move a wall works, but the dimension box isn't changing with it and I am not quite use to reading the offset in the cursor bar. So I need to get use to that. I like using the arrow keys and when I zoom the page enough, the wall will move 1/8" per click, however using the arrow keys un-joins the walls even in the connected walls mode. Also, is there a trick that I am missing when I tab into the data field? When I tab I have to keep the left mouse button down or the text box disappears. So I am typing with one hand and holding a button with the other.....Still pulling Gs on the learning curve! Thanks. Terry
  11. Thanks Peter, I do use a Template. If I understand this correctly, I open a new file or project and click Document settings and go through each command and save as a "template" (By the way, when clicking "document settings" It would be much more efficient if when you click document settings to have a dialog box open with each command on tabs instead of every time having to click file-document settings- document preferences, back to file, document settings-Units, back to file-document settings-document setup, etc.). I have a template I use that is Arch-D with units as 1/4=1ft and a border and title block. I have never changed anything in the "Create Standard Viewports" section. My point was when ever you open a new file the files ClassNames, LayerNames, ViewNames are always there in the worksheet section. I would like to create my own report templates and symbols in a "My Symbols" folder and those resources would show up the same way as the ClassNames, etc. and as I understand it the only way to accomplish this is to have those reports in a file and add that file to "Your Favorites" As far as the walls are concerned, after using the wall join tool and you move a wall it becomes unjoined and you have to rejoin which is time consuming. If you could simply click & drag a wall and watch the dimension change with it and it would stay joined would be a real time saver....for me anyway. I have my walls on "Auto-Join" and the dimensions on "Auto-Associate" and "Associate Dimensions". Unless I am not using Vectorworks properly those commands do not work or they are not interactive. I realize that if a wall is join it is suppose to heal itself as the tutorial shows, but they don't. As I mentioned , I like VWs for the detail and residential and commercial flexibility of materials involved in those two respective places of the construction industry. I have used other programs that have the capabilities of moving walls in the manner I have mentioned. As I stated, It could be I am not using VWs correctly either and I am always searching the tutorials and help files and NNA website for answers so that VWs behaves as I believe it suppose to. I was informed that the learning curve was a little longer for VWs ;-)
  12. Since the auto join isn't even close to working 100% of the time, I would like resend my 3 wishes and add another wish. The ability to click & drag a wall and the dimensions change with it in real time is such a time saver. draw your walls, AEC and the dimensions, move the walls to your desired dimensions and boom, your done. Instead of spending time dicking around getting it the way you want by having to click all this unnecessary clicking, tabbing,typing, and (rejoining walls because the auto wall join doesn't work all the time, I want those suckers glued with Liquid Nails unless I choose to unglue them!) The added wish is: After the discussion on spreadsheets with the great help from Pat, Jeffrey, and all involved. The "Resource Browser" would truly be a resource browser if you could create folders in all sections for report templates, symbols, etc so that when you create a new file those resources are already there. Just like the View Names, Layer Names and Class Names Std are there when you create a new file you could have your own personal browser for the way you work and the way your business operates instead of creating a new file and adding it to your Favorites. Of course my wishes are from the perspective of my mind, my business and experiences with CAD programs. It just seems to me to be a no brainer as far as efficiency in work flow.
  13. In one file I created a new "folder" titled "My Symbols" with symbols that I would almost always use in every situation of the construction field I work in, Is there anyway that this folder would show up in the symbol section of the resource browser with each new file I create? I tried to export to favorites, however I'd rather have it in the symbol section of the browser
  14. Thanks Peter, I thought It was just me. I have reversed the walls, clicked the Auto Join on and off and on and used the wall join tool also. Even when I edit or move a wall it should stay joined. Maybe they should talk to the Chief Architect people. CA joins walls and they stay joined. I wouldn't think the code would be that different. I still like VWA better even though there are some things that could be changed to speed up the process. No sense in an Auto Join option if it doesn't work! However, you're right, it's faster than drafting. Hum? paid by the hour? maybe that's why there is a time log in VWs ;-)
  15. Ok, I give up, I'll ask.... Why doesn't Vectorworks Auto Join Walls when I have the Auto Join Walls box checked in the VWs preferences? Doesn't Auto stand for Automatic? Then when I use the Wall Join Tool one wall will simply disappear.
  16. Matt, Have you looked at the the discussion on Spreadsheets? I to find that the worksheets are a great asset when used in concert with the drawings. However I find them tedious due to the fact you always have to enter formulas data, etc to get the desired result. If you read the discussion Jeffrey has mention that he has an idea that maybe will be implemented into VWs. Personally I believe it would be great for VWs to have the ability to create folders and worksheet templates in the Resource Browser that fit your own personal needs. At this time the only way to do that is create a file with no drawings or objects in it and have your worksheets in the resource browser and add it to your favorites. Even then you can only polish a worksheet only to the extent that VWs allows. Terry
  17. I too believe that customized reports can be a a powerful tool when use in concert with VWs drawing capabilities. Jeffrey and Pat were great along with input from everyone listed on this topic. And in a short time the ball was rolling. First post was on the 18th. The reports were one of the main reasons I purchased VWsA 2009. I have been spending more time on reports than the actual drawing. Now all VWs needs is a mental interface so it just does what you think! :-) Terry
  18. I would also Like to thank Pat, Jeffrey, gmm18, Chad and Charles, for all the input. It was and is a great discussion. I never realized what a fabulous tool a customized worksheet could be. I have another question: Is it possible to save these customized reports as "templates" so when you create a report or schedule that name is in the dialog box list? And the resource browser would be great if you could create folders in each of the sections of the browser e.g. "Worksheets" to organize and save space. Terry
  19. DWorks, I am not sure about this, but can't you use a trailer or leader for space numbers in the "format cells" dialog box? I am not sure how to get all the info you want from the object info palette.
  20. I have been getting help on customizing reports. I just purchased VWsArchitect 2009 for the Windows platform. Having said that, When I open reports in my practice project I will edit cells or the formula bar and if I either copy/paste or undo VWs will crash...totally shut down...anyone know why? Is it a bug? Also when clicking "VWs Help it doesn't totally open up. The PDF and Print buttons are "not active" If I go to C/: and open the help files from the VWs folder everything is there and the buttons are "active"..Thoughts? Wyle
  21. Pat, That worked great! Many Thanks! So now if I understand the process properly I can create a report for each layer and type in the layers name and it will only report on the objects associated to that layer. As long as my logical or and logical and the parentheses oar in the correct formation. when I am practicing with these reports Vectorworks will just crash..totally gone from the screen. Again Pat, Thanks I am on my way with the great help you have been.
  22. Wow, in the forum the "Logical and" symbol looks different after you submit the post. It looks like the Greek alphabet.
  23. Never mind, it's the & key
  24. How do I generate an (ampersand) from the keyboard?


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