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    SP2/2009 won't install

    No education version here. I'm running Architect and Fundamentals on an Imac (2.4Ghz 1GB ram) with OSX 10.5.6
  2. fox

    SP2/2009 won't install

    Just to throw some more weight to this problem. SP2 will not install on my mac either - which is very annoying since every 10mins or so VW prompts me to update!
  3. fox

    smart points

    Thanks guys
  4. fox

    smart points

    Ok I have just worked out how to do this. Apparently I now need to press 'T' to get what i'm after. It still seems a step backwards in terms of this functionality to me (compared with VW12.5 that is).
  5. fox

    smart points

    Ok if I have the wrong prefs, what would I need to change in order to 'smart point snap' as shown in the attached image (done in 12.5)? Thanks
  6. fox

    smart points

    'Smart points' seem to have taken a step backwards - they are not as useable as in VW 12.5 Has anyone else found this to be an issue? Vectorworks 2009 Mac OSX 10.5.5


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