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  1. I'm still running VW2010 and am having this same issue. Does anyone know if it has been fixed for VW2012? Thanks
  2. I have a file in which I am drawing 2D elevations of a residence. There is a referenced viewport that brings in the "plans" from a separate file to use as a background image. For some reason, I am only able to snap to the top half of the referenced "plans" viewport. Does this make sense to anyone? Literally, if I start at the top of the referenced plans, I can snap to midpoints, endpoints, etc, but as I move the mouse down the plans, at a certain point all the snapping functionality disappears. Furthermore, if there is, say, a random line in the plans that is drawn from the top to the bottom, when I am in the elevations file I can snap to the top endpoint of that referenced line, but not to the bottom endpoint. Is there a no-snap zone I should be aware of? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Thank you michaelk - the square root equation works - don't know why the ABS didn't. Mitch - the door can only open 90 degrees (see the attached image, probably would have been helpful from the start)
  4. Simple version of my question: Is there a way to make attributes of door PIOs show up as only positive numbers in the door schedule? i.e. take the "absolute value" of any negative numbers so that they show up positive. Why I am asking this: I have a door along a hall/passage with a special hinge, so that when the door is open it will fit into a notched recess in the wall and essentially be flush with the wall. I discovered that I can make this occur visually correct on the floor plan if I give the door a negative thickness value, however then my door schedule shows this negative thickness value. I saw on another thread that "=ABS()" might provide an absolute value, so I tried "=ABS(Door.DoorThickness)" but it did not seem to work on my the schedule Maybe there is another way to achieve the correct plan appearance without using a negative thickness? Any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks
  5. Update: Apparently the side of the line that remains is not random (nothing ever is): If I originally draw 2 intersecting lines - the first from left to right and the other from top to bottom, and I go to connect/combine those 2 lines into an "L", it will always leave the left and top portions of the lines (whichever side I started drawing the lines from) And also, the multiple object combine tool does the same thing. It is not immune! I tried to switch workspaces and users, but neither solved the problem. Hmmmmm?
  6. I just switched from using VW 2008 to 2010. Something has changed with the "connect/combine" line tool, and I can't figure out how the new tool works. Here's my question: I have two lines crossing each other. I simply want to trim one half of each line so that I end up with an "L" shape. In VW 2008, I would use the "connect" tool, and click on the first line (on the side I wanted to keep) then click on the second line (on the side I wanted to keep) and the "L" would appear. Now, in VW 2010, if I do the same thing, it doesn't seem to matter which side of the line I click on, it just randomly selects a side to keep. Ironically, the new "multiple object connect" mode seems to recognize which side of the line I click on, but the other 3 modes (that were present in VW 2008) do not. Any advice/experince on this issue?? Thanks Jake
  7. Thank you! Somehow the "Snap Loupe" hotkey was left blank
  8. We just upgraded to 2010. The Snap loupe "z" key was working for about a week. Now, when I hit the "z" key it brings up the shortcut for the Pan tool, rather than the temporary "snap loupe" zoom. Any ideas how to switch this back, or what caused the change in the first place? Thanks Jake
  9. Maybe someone has a better answer, but the quick work-around I use is to put a space before your numbers 1-9, and then they will order before the 10's, etc. (i.e. " 1", " 2" etc and then "10" "11") If you want the label to be centered in the call out bubble on the plans, you can add a space behind those numbers as well. Unfortunately this whole thing breaks down when you get to 100
  10. Our office is still on VW 2008, so here's the question I have: We have an "exterior elevation" file that uses a viewport reference to our "floor plan" file so that the floor plan shows up on a model layer in the "exterior elevation" file... However, sometimes we are able to snap to objects in the referenced floor plans, and sometimes we can't. And sometimes we can snap to certain objects (like dimension lines) but not other object types (like walls). Is there a setting for this? Has anyone else had a similar issue? Thanks
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