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  1. Thanks Teresa. Your list helps. I'll fiddle around with it as time permits and see if I can narrow in on the issue. Ethan
  2. I've had an ongoing issue with both VW 2010 and 2011 on WinXP and Win7 where when I attempt to save a file I get an unable to save file or file is corrupt, save elsewhere error. A search of the forum turned up other users posting this but not much in the way of solutions. From playing around, it seems connected to file name length. I am able to save the file when it's renamed with a shorter name, even after getting a "The file is now corrupt on disk" error while trying to save with the longer name. Continuing my confusion, if I navigate to the save location, the file that was reported as being unable to be saved is there. This first started with an older file that was converted and have the new version number tacked on to the existing file name, which made the file name about 45 characters long. I don't seem to be near the 256/259 character limit for the file name/path in Windows. Does VW have a shorter file path character limit? Thanks!
  3. Greetings all, I'm at a university with a 4 year life cycle on computers and have been asked for specs for my new pc within a framework of systems on the state contract. For my video card, I can choose between NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT 512MB Full Height (DVI-I+DisplayPort) or NVIDIA Quadro FX370 256MB ATX (DMS59) Is there a distinct advantage of one over the other? I realize VW doesn't use the video card for much of the rendering and I've looked at the graphics advice sheet but since I'm given the choice of a lower end workstation card (Quadro) vs a desktop card with more memory (GeForce), there is no clear winner to me. Are the two cards really that similar in terms of performance even though the desktop one has twice the memory? Anyone willing to share thoughts or advice? I am also maxing out the processor and the RAM. Thanks! Ethan
  4. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but couldn't find a relevant post in the forums after a quick search. The label legend manager has been fine for units that face US/DS, but I've never had good luck with units facing SL/SR (side lights on an electric, for example) because the orientation of the sample light is always up/down on the screen. I end up trying to tweak it for a little while, give up in frustration, and just move labels one by one where needed. I'm now on 2009 after a LONG time on 9.5.2 and wondered if this is any better. The Label Legend Manager seems the same as before. Back before Spotlight, I used MacLux and as I remember, it had a function where you could "copy" the field placement of a unit and apply it to other units. Does such a function exist in VW? Is there a better method than trial and error for creation of Label Legends? Can you "clone" the placement of labels into a newly created legend? TIA.
  5. Seems to have magically fixed itself - only thing I did was turn off GDI+ Imaging to fix the font display issue - maybe they are related some how. Thanks!
  6. Recently moved to 2009 from 9.5.2 and am having some issues with printing to pdf. I'm working on light plots 24x36 in size, so I can't print the whole thing myself but I've got both a freeware pdf printer (PDF995) and the legit acrobat one installed so files can be emailed to print company. When I print a file with either pdf printer, the file appears fine on screen, but when I do a test print of a section of the drawing with my desktop HP printer, no horizontal lines and only parts of the small circles and hexagons print. No such issues if I use export to pdf and test print on the same printer or when I print to the HP straight from the VW file. I had this issue back with 9.5.2, but only with the Acrobat printer. Anyone else run into this issue? TIA
  7. Unchecking GDI + Imaging under the Tools>Options>VW Prefs>Display did indeed allow the fonts to display correctly. I don't use the transparency option (for now, at least), so problem solved for me. Thanks for the help.
  8. Using VW 2009 SP2 on Win XP SP3 and many fonts are not displaying correctly for some reason. When highlighted with the text tool, the correct font is shown, but when the item is selected to position the text or change to a different piece of text,it defaults to what appears to be Arial. Properties still displays the correct font name. Please help! Thanks. Ethan
  9. Yeah, that was my guess, but figured I would ask in case I didn't need to. Thanks!
  10. OK, so I was silly and didn't write down my serial number from the student/education download section and need to activate VW2009 after the SP update. The splash screen only shows the first and last 6 of the #. Updating your profile gives you the last 12, so I just need 7-11. Can I find them anywhere in the program, or is a call to tech support in my future? When I click the download link in the student section, the serial number for VW 2009 is no longer there - replaced with the option to request the software. TIA Ethan
  11. I'm trying to install VW 2008 Student Edition on a PC running Win XP SP2. The install seems like it goes fine, get the install successful window, and it asks to restart the PC. The IE registration window also pops up. However, I can't get the program to actually open. The process starts and just hogs all the processor resources. Also tried the Eval version and had the same results. VW 2008 and the Eval version do NOT show up on the add/remove programs list. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Quicktime with no success. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks.
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