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  1. Does any one know if it is possible to run an export to pdf vs? If so does any one have any examples I can look at or point me in the right direction? Thanks Alexis
  2. I was not sure what section to put this under, so I just dumped it here. Feel free to move it if need be. I need to install vector works 2008 onto about 60 machines across a network. I want to be able to silently install vector works as part of a script that will run after I do a fresh install of os x via netboot. Does any one know how to accomplish this or have any info on how I would go about it. We don't use dongles in our office and have all the license keys in one file license file that gets put onto all machines. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi there. One of my clients runs about 80 odd licenses of Vector Works 2008. They are using OS X 10.4.11 They are using a variety of MacPros from G5's into intels. We keep having Vector Works crash when people are using it in various ways. I keep having the crash logs sent to me and from going through them there is always a few common bits. One being a reference to quicktime and the other always reference to video cards and openGL. The cards are a mixture again of Geforce and Radeon. My thinking is that it is to do with rendering and openGL. Does any one know what version of openGL Vector Works requires? I can post some crash logs if any one would like to see. Alexis
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