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  1. Hello, I'm hoping there is a solution that will save the last 3 days of my work! I opened a file this morning to use as a base for another file. I deleted parts of the model and instead of 'saving as' I saved over the file. Then worked on it for an hour or so. The autosaves are only from today and contain the edits made after I saved over the original file. There aren't any autosaves from yesterday either as I used the same file this morning. I know I'm clutching at straws but is there any way I can retrieve a previous autosave or anything from yesterday or first thing today before I made the edits? Unfortunately I don't have any other back ups (e.g. windows backup) from last 3 day either. I have found an export file (extension .vw4d) from yesterday which will refer to the right version I need but it's a very small file - is there any way I can get any information from that file? Many thanks for any help. Version - Vectorworks 2010
  2. Benson you are a lifesaver, thank you so much!
  3. Ok so, the solution half solved my problem. I'm trying to create a monkey tale hand rail, image attached. As in the attached file the bottom half still twists. Is there a way I can level this out? Any advise would be great.
  4. Ah thanks so much Benson, thats got it! I need to tweak the path a little, but thats just what I needed. I hoped it was an easy fix. Good point I'll reduce the vertices. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Can anyone assist please? As in the attached image I have extruded the purple shape along a path (A). As seen in (B) this has worked fine. However I need to raise one end of the nurb so the profile extrudes along a sloping curved nurb. As seen in © when I raise the end the profile twists along the path. Is there a way I can have a twisting sloping nurb but with the profile remaining flat in its correct orientation, as in a stair handrail which is what I?m modelling. I have attached the file. Using VW2010 fundamentals
  6. Hello, I am having problems with the Vectorworks plugin in C4D v11.027 on XP Pro 64bit (works fine in 32 bit). I use vectorworks (v2010) and the exchange plugin from maxon. Now that I'm using C4D 64 bit version, upon opening a scene, I get a warning of several missing plugins saying - Plugin 'VectorWorks Tag' (ID 1009891). Everything exported from VectorWorks does not have the vectorworks tag - instead it shows as a question mark. I have tried reinstalling the plugin, and running the vectorworks exchange updater, but with no success. Can anyone tell me if they have the vectorworks exchange working with 64bit C4D? Can anyone offer advice?? I realise this isn't a Vectorworks problem, but Maxon don't know so I am trying Vectorworks experts. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jon
  7. Success!! I received a new disk from Vectorworks which gave me eaxctly the same error. So I followed Tofu's advice and installed it on XP Pro 32 bit machine then transferred it onto the 64 bit. Worked straight away. Thanks for your post - really appreciate your advice. Shame Vectorworks couldn't create a working installer file for 64 bit...or at least send a note with the disk! Jon
  8. Hi, I tried that too, also reinstalled the vcredist files (for both 32 and 64 bit). Vectorworks got back to me and suspect there is a problem with the disk, so they are sending me another one. Great - 8 hours of hardcore technical problem solving and it may just be the disk! The company I bought it from had another customer with exactly the same problem on x64 machine. I eagerly await receving it on Monday and will let you know if it works. Jon
  9. Hi Ray, Thanks for your suggestion - unfortunately I get the same error. Jon
  10. Hi Brudgers, I have exactly the same problem on installing a new licence for VW 2009 Fundamentals! I tried changing the compatibility but it still won't run. I have run dependency walker and installed a missing .dll file, but I get 3 further errors: 1) Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in an implicitly dependent module. 2) Error: Modules with different CPU types were found. 3) Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks, Jon _________________________ Running VW 2009 SP2 on XP 64bit
  11. Hi, I recently got the evaluation version to trial Vectorworks but i can;t get it to open. I am running VW 2008 eval. on XP Pro 64 bit Edition. A screen appears to select Try, Activate or Cancel. If I select Try, the screen closes and nothing else happens. Can I run any version of VW on 64 bit? Any help appreciated, Jon


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