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  1. Cheers Christiaan, fingers crossed then!
  2. Hi all, I see that the 2013 teaser videos say coming September 18th, but does anyone know whether this will be the UK release date/ US release date/ first look/ etc etc? Im about to buy a new license and am on a tightish deadline to make the decision, and I'm wondering whether it will only be 11 days before 2013 is available in the UK which is about within deadline...! Cheers J
  3. ArchiCAD got a similar looking cursor treatment with its rotate command in AC16
  4. We use the modify- convert- convert to lines command all the time for sections and elevations (we're on fundamentals), and if you use hidden line mode it converts it into a group of only the visible/ front lines. ( VWs 2011, and i'm fairly sure 2012 at home too) edit: images (VW2011 fundamentals) (the ridiculous amount of lines in the ungrouped image is due to the extrude vertices etc, not lines behind!)
  5. We use PDF995 in the office, free with ads, only about $9.95 to buy a license though. Never had a problem with it. http://www.pdf995.com/
  6. We use the 'cut 3D section' command, then 'convert to lines- hidden line rendering', which turns the 3D sectional model into a bunch of lines that can be edited and drawn over. Not live, so you'll have to re-cut and re-convert whenever there's a chance to the model, but keeps the file size down and the section flexible. Either that or draw in the viewport annotation over the section?
  7. http://www.bibliocad.com/ is also good and has a selection of objects in 2D and 3D in various formats
  8. sorry if it's a bit obvious, are you in top view rather than top/plan?
  9. We're on VWs 2011 Fundamentals and there's no export to PDF facility, we had to resort to PDF995.
  10. Hi all, A bit of a problem here. We have a normal, small file of a residential job, usually around 20mb file size. We build a 3D model. We put viewports onto sheet layers using the model for the elevations with either hidden line, or Open GL and hidden line render options. A lot of the time when we try and update the viewports VW just stalls and creates a design layer called 'rasterrender layer', or just stops working and shuts down. There's no weird geometry I can find, the file size isn't that large and there's no textures or anything being used, but VWs just can't seem to handle something! Any help would be appreciated, why is the rasterender layer created? what is it? Why is it that VWs can't open GL/ hidden line render relatively simple views?? Our computer specs aren't bad so I don't think it's anything to do with that, is it a bug? an issue with graphics card compatibility??! I'm totally stumped!! Hopeful thanks in advance! J edit: image added
  11. I've worked in two small practices for about 4 years, one on Vectorworks, one on ArchiCAD. Both practices do residential, remodeling and new homes. I've found for intelligent 3D design ArchiCAD is miles ahead, but for detailing/ working drawings (ie 2D presentation) Vectorworks is excellent. ACs ability to produce schedules for everything you model is amazing, from doors and windows to materials. We don't really use VWs reports as they seem quite clunky in comparison. I think that's the main point actually, AC is a very streamlined, 'OSX' style program, where as VWs feels a bit more of a windows approach, if that makes sense! Not a negative, just a different way of doing things and it depends which you prefer. AC is pretty stable with larger files and smaller residential projects, VW (in my experience) is pretty unstable (although it may be the rigs we have, it runs fine on my macbook pro at home the majority of the time) AC doesn't specifically do freeform modelling, but I've never found anything I couldn't model using the profile manager, walls from polygons, roof faces and slabs. I admit I find VWs nurbs etc a bit overwhelming at times! I use both for my uni work. I design the building in AC, model all the site etc, then for detail drawings I export as DWG, stick in VW and trace over it. AC does seem to be aimed more at larger companies and projects, but that doesn't mean it can't be used for small projects/ one person, it just means the option to collaborate easily is there. VWs feels a lot more aimed towards small projects/ one person, there are 3 of us working on VWs and there isn't really any collaboration because it wouldn't be worth the effort! Saying all that I doubt we use either program to its full abilities, and it depends on how you work, and what results you want really! J
  12. Hi Farookey, Thanks for the reply, however I unchecked that as standard a while ago as our files were being really slow. I've tried to strip down the files as much as possible, but I don't know how much it would help. As soon as the two sections are cut (in this example) the file size jumps by around 80mb. I know the sections 'copy' the model, but why would the size jump up by 4 times the amount for two 'half models' that are created?! Cheers, J
  13. Hi all, We've been having problems recently when cutting 3D sections. We draw up a model in 3D, the one I'm working on at the moment is a finished file and is 26mb so not too bad. There's a few extrudes and symbols, but not too many. When I cut 2 3D sections the file size jumps to 111mb and becomes completely unstable. I know the 3D sections are quite a lot of 3D geometry but this is a bit ridiculous, it's only a single residential property, others use this software for masterplanning etc and manage alright!! I've tried purging the file with no affect, if I took out the extrudes that might help, or maybe turn them into symbols? but we're not asking much of the software and it's falling short. Any help or advice would be appreciated! Cheers, J
  14. Hi all, I had a quick look for this issue but couldn't find it anywhere. We've just bought a new system, Windows 7 64x, all the hardware is VW compatible, high spec etc. The install of vectorworks 2009 has worked a treat, and we've installed the drivers for the dongle from the disc, but when we open VW it says there's no dongle. On the other computers when you plug in the dongle it lights up, but not on this one. I'm assuming it's a dongle driver issue, but I can't find anywhere that mentions this or how to find a Win7 64x compatible driver... can anyone help??!! Thanks in advance, Joe
  15. We're currently operating two VW2009 licenses, and would like to get a third. We contacted our reseller, who told us that we weren't allowed a third license on 2009, but we had to buy a 2010 license and downgrade. Surely this can't be right? all we need is a third license, we don't want to spend x amount on upgrading to 2010 when we don't want or need to. Agreed that 2010 has come out, but it's just come out. you can still buy Windows XP, even though vista and Windows 7 have come out; etc etc. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  16. This doesn't happen on the think pad, just the vostro, which has an ATI Radeon HD 3600 series Graphics card.... Cheers Joe
  17. below is another example of this problem, the offending 'ghost' bits circled in red... Cheers, Joe
  18. I'll try explain better... In picture 1 above the door is selected, but the mouse isn't hovering over it. All seems to be fine, the door is displaying properly. In picture 2 the mouse is hovering over the door and you can see something the same width of the door leaf at right angles to the door, as thought the door leaf has rotated 90 degrees within the frame.... this happens with windows sometimes too, in many unrelated situations. It also prints out showing this random right angle, which as you can tell is quite annoying... but only sometimes! I hope that makes a bit more sense..!
  19. Sorry to bug, but did anyone manage to see what the problem was with this? Cheers, Joe
  20. File attached. Another issue with this particular situation is that there's a window in the wall above the door, and one of the components is showing up wrong... Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Joe
  21. Sometimes, for some reason; our windows have a strange invisible pane at right angles to the rest of the window... It's annoying, and some times prints which obviously causes a problem! does anyone know what it is, and how to get rid of it? you can only see it when you hover over the window with your mouse... but as I said, it also sometimes prints... See pics for clarity!! Cheers Joe
  22. We had a few issues a while back with exporting to PDF, as in we couldn't because we have Fundamentals; but a bit of searching has come up trumps, and I thought I'd let you know! www.pdf995.com has a great free PDF exporter that works perfectly! I hope you folks at Nemetschek don't mind me sharing this? Cheers, Joe
  23. I've been trying to mitre extrudes for ages, and thought in the end you couldn't. after seeing this I've just had another play with the trim tool, chamfer tool, clip tool, 3D chamfer edge, etc etc.. and still can't get it to work! could you please explain how to go about it? Cheers, Joe
  24. Thanks mike, managed in the end! Agree that $20 isn't much, but I just feel we shouldn't have to get an add on for a simple enough function! Joe
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