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  1. thanks guys, i'll see what i can do. it's a pain, when the rest is easy to alter... /e
  2. kevin, how would i do this in spotlight then.. i can't? anyway, here is a sample.. its the classes Lampor and Killing lampor i'm trying to change class colour on... thanks emma
  3. i'm struggling to get my instruments to have the colour of the classes they belong to. it works if they just are symbols, not if they are instruments... i need to have different colours of the instruments and their classes since i need to separate them on the plot.. (rented lights from pre-rigged ones...) how on earth do i do this?? all best /emma
  4. hi, i have the same problem. it seems strange though, that all lights in the spotlight library are floor mounted. must be a better way of doing this than editing every fixture..? would be very glad if someone gave me a hint on how to do it. thanks /emma westerberg
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