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  1. quote: Originally posted by Carl Burns: I've taught myself to use VW and suspect that the vast majority do also. Use any resources you can afford, though! Take classes. Learning about computers at the same time increases your work a bit, but it's doable. I don't know of a separate forum for beginners..I've never seen any question here or in the discussion group, no matter how simple, responded to except with respect and helpfulness. So, probably the separate forum is unnecessary. Just ask away. I got started with J. Kent's Works Tutorial and Works Manual (for VW8)(See "Improbability Press")and recommend them. There are many resources: explore this site throoughly, try the discussion group; mostly struggle along using the program and learning the basic concepts, many of which are shared across most CAD programs. There are seminars, user groups, a CD (all on this site I believe) and also U. of Penn offers some sort of online courses in VW (directed @ landscape design I think, but probably useful nontheless). If you are truly starting out with computers, you won't be using VW productively for some time; it just takes a while. Carl Thank you Carl, for the time. I tried Kents Tutorial for Mini-Cad, but didn't hav e much luck. However, I was never able to figure out if it was me, the computer, or the tutorial. Never hurts to try again.
  2. I am a contractor who is basically computer illiterate, but that can see the advantages of Cad drawings. Is there anyone out there that self-taught themselves how to use this program, and could offer any insights as to joys/frustrations? Is there a separate forum for newcomers?
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