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    QSC KLA Series Symbols missing?

    Those do not exist yet. The person we had working on that library never finished it up, and I have been quite busy to go back and finish it.
  2. in order to change that view you would need to download the file, open it and change the views. then save and you would then see it in ISO. I would recommend changing to Open GL in render or you will get two crossed planes, as the 3D is an Image Prop. We can take it into review about changing the files, but that would not happen till 2021. while they are in the cloud, no resource properties can be changed. all you are seeing is basically a snapshot of the file till you download it to your machine.
  3. Rob Books


    up at the top on the left side of the RM, there are some symbols, make sure they are all in the active state (highlighted). also, when you started Vectorworks it should have given you a notice to download the content. everything is now delivered through the cloud. if you don't get the notification on restart. go to the gear icon and click refresh libraries. finally, there should be a dropdown about the middle fo the resource manager ribbon, make sure that is set to All Resources. hope that helps.
  4. Rob Books

    OS Catalina

  5. Rob Books

    ROE 'Air frame' .3ds

    we have had many requests for it come in, but I have yet to find a good set of dimensions for it. IF i ever do, or if I can get someone with one to dimension it out for me, we could make it up.
  6. Rob Books

    Truss Grapples

    Grapples and Cross Section data, which is what is used internally to calculate the forces on the truss, are two separate issues. Grapples make that connection that is needed other than at the end, yes you need to know the forces, but could be done on a rigid system, which is what is set up when we don't have the cross section data. many more companies are coming on-line with the data, biggest issue for many US companies is the legal ramifications. many fear lawsuits if folks just accept the braceworks data and don't actually run it all by a structural engineering firm. Even though everything states that this is not a final structural analysis, they still fear the lawsuits. As more and more users are coming on, they are putting pressure on the truss companies to get the data to us. So look for more and more cross sections in the future.
  7. Unfortunately I don't know enough about Vision as I should. if Image Props work when you send over to Vision, then there are some newer Image Prop figures in the entourage folder in VW. no Dancers and such, but some regular folks that could work better than the Jason Vorheese figure
  8. Rob Books

    Spotlight instrument focus

    I would like to have a third click option to set the focus point. it's all well and good to have basic points, but to make those points that you know are between A and B are a pain.
  9. Rob Books

    spotlight fixture request form doesn't work

    Should be fixed now. let me know if any issues.
  10. Long story short, there used to be a warehouse of User content, there are some places on the forum where folks still swap content. We tend not to release user content as VW content since it would need to be checked, verified, and then we could release it. That can be a lot of work, so we tend to go with established companies or pay designers to create content for us. Human figures are hard to come by cheaply.
  11. VW items that are in the libraries tend to be Generic Solids as it creates a smaller file size generally. if you know you are sending items to Vision, other than lights as those have their own Vision versions, you can run decimation on the items and that will help reduce the poly count.
  12. Rob Books

    spotlight fixture request form doesn't work

    this is being worked on and should be fixed soon.
  13. Rob Books


    this is one of those things that is so easy, but I have had problems finding a good side on Photo to do the sweep from. I will try to look into it for a later Service Select release. Rob.
  14. we are working on getting more figures for Vision, the issue is the 3D companies want to ensure that their figures can not be exported to other software from inside VW and Vision.
  15. Rob Books

    Grayed Out Symbols in Vectorworks 2019

    Lighting Instruments are also in classes within the symbol itself not just the none class. Make sure that you have the Lighting Classes set to visible, not grey.
  16. Rob Books

    Emmisive Fixture From Vectorworks?

    Ah, sorry. if there is an emissive mode available, in the dropdown it will be noted with either emissive or EM. we don't build emissive modes for all fixtures.
  17. Rob Books

    Emmisive Fixture From Vectorworks?

    Closest you can get in VW is the glow on the lens geometry. See this and a few other threads for the how-to.
  18. Rob Books

    Power distro symbols

    I can put in a request that the tools be added to the Spotlight workspace.
  19. Rob Books

    Power distro symbols

    https://www.vectorworks.net/community/partner-community/partner-products/product/connectcad that is the link to ConnectCAD
  20. Yes, ti works with Symbols, but once you insert a lighting instrument it is no longer really a symbol. This is why there are no 2D planar graphics other than the Top/Plan 2D associated with them.
  21. Unfortunately at this time, because of the unique nature of the Lighting Instruments being a symbol that is made into a Plug in Object, also the limitations of the 2D views being only for direct side views, it would not work correctly at this time. That is why they are excluded. The other issue in question is how would we do the views. I was taught that for center sections that lights should be at a 45 degree angle if side view, and Down the barrel if face on. but I have seen other drawings that differ from that. who's format should we use? and I am sure no matter what direction we put them once we get something that would work, some will complain that we did it wrong.
  22. Rob Books

    Power distro symbols

    Unfortunately, it does not exist. I just checked our files.
  23. Rob Books

    Power distro symbols

    and the nice thing about connectCAD, you can make your own representations for the IN/OUT boxes, sized as you need them.
  24. Rob Books

    Power distro symbols

    I will add it to our list of requests. we try to do both units, since we are a world-wide company with users all over the globe.
  25. Rob Books

    Power distro symbols

    are you talking about the Event Power symbols? those were developed here in the US. as far as schematics, take a look at ConnectCAD, it should do the job for you on those.


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