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  1. Hi Charlie, Could I ask you to describe that with a few more words. I cant replicate the result.
  2. Hi Pat, Thanks so much for your help. So there you have it folks, don't mess with the origin! I think this thread is put to bed.
  3. Hi Pat, Yup you got it! So now my overly mathematical brain is punishing me. The origin is set in the plan view and therefore is a repositioning with respect to x & y coordinates - the xy plane if you like. So now I go to a front view and am dealing with x & z axis (xz plane) but the orthogonal repositioning of the origin seems to be relevant to this also. I had it in my head that somewhere there was an absolute origin represented by a cartesian origin of (0,0,0). I thought that changing the origin in the xy plane could not affect the z, but it seems that all I was really seeing was an offset on the left hand ruler. I assumed that when I went to front view the left hand (vertical) ruler was advising me about the relative position of objects with respect to the absolute origin of the layer in the z axis, but if fiddling with the origin in the xy plane then affects position in the xz plane then the scales are just rulers and the fact that I had a dodgy bottom z was in the end meaningless since it was just a ruler offset. So I am left thinking that I should keep the origin at the centre of the drawing and this will mean that the OIP gives me good advice about where an object is with respect to my overall model space (made of many layers each having differing elevations). Am I right?
  4. Thanks Pat. I'll clean it back to the basic layer at issue and send it off.
  5. Hi Chad, Nope, no wall peaks. I have introduced newly created walls and they also have the problem. It is interesting that no-one has said "This is how you move a wall up and down without changing its bottom z", or "This is how you reset the bottom z to 0.0 without moving the wall". I don't know what the 1000 club is but it seems that to be part of it Pat would know a thing or two. I suspect he did not suggest this because it is not possible. I suspect the file is corrupt with the only issue being the funny behaviour or the layer z=0.0 with respect to the bottom z of the objects on it. Maybe there is a configuration part of the mcd file that holds these values and changing them there is the anwser.
  6. Hi again, I don't think it is the wall object. If I copy the wall and paste it to another clean file it is OK. When I bring it back the problem is back. I think the whole layer is confused about where 0.0 is. The toilet and bath are also too high but are consistent with the wall positions.
  7. Hi Archeus, I missed your post. Yup looked at that already. Nothing there that relates to bottom z offset. There is an offset for plan displacement and for top edge of wall compared to layer height but nothing for z offset.
  8. Hi again Pat, Yehhh... thanks again. I probably should say that although I am new to posting here I am reasonably experienced with VW having used it for a couple of years including a bunch of stuff in 3D. So let me try to explain the issue again. Say you have only one layer and one wall in it and we are looking at it in front view. In normal circumstances the wall will have bottom z of 0 on the OIP and will in reality be sitting with its bottom sitting at z=0 in the layer environment. If you give it a bottom z of 1m in the OIP it will sit 1m below the layer plane. In this way the position of the wall and the bottom Z of the OIP for the wall are in harmony; return one to 0.0 and the other will also be at 0.0. My issue is that I have walls sitting on the z=0.0 just as you would like but the OIP bottom z is 3376.4mm thus they are not in harmony and I get funny results from things like 'fit wall to roof' etc. Pat, If I set the bottom z to 0 then all my walls are 3376mm below plane. If I drag them up, the OIP bottom z responds as well. Cheers, Iain
  9. Hi Pat, Sorry to be thick. I can't find this menu item in any workspace. Even when I go to Architect Classic it is not there. Cant find it in the VW help file and cant find anything like it in the workspace editor. I'm using VW12.5.3 any thougths?
  10. Hi Pat, Thanks for this. Unfortunately the layer z and del z are not the issue. The wall has the bottom z offset with respect to its own layer z. Changing the layer z affects my layerlinked model in the way you would expect but does not alter the fact that the wall is offset with respect to its own layers z. Any other thoughts? Cheers, Iain
  11. Hi, Longtime reader, first time poster. I have a layer with a wall on it. The bottom of the wall is sitting at z = 0 but the bottom z shown in the OIP is set to 3367mm. If I set the bottom z to 0 the wall moves down. A new layer in the existing file has the same issue. A new file created from the same template does not have this problem. I can not find any information on resetting the wall's bottom z or the elevation of the z plane. Can any one help? Is there some trick about repositioning the reference z0.0 position? Iain VW12.5.3 on XP
  12. Hi, I have this same problem in connection with a wider VW crashing problem. It is so bad that I maintain a second workspace as a back up and a shortcut on my desktop to take me there! I am running in a Windows XP environment (yeh I know I should buy a Mac - build a bridge). Does anyone have any suggestions re a constant crashing issue with VW 12.5.3? Cheers, Iain


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