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  1. A Simple Workaround for Some: "Hello Vectorworks Team, are you there?", two licenses for a person with a computer at their office, their home office, and in their lap? What world do you live in? In your market studies, have you ever found a user with an office, a home office, and a laptop that might want to actually design something with your software? Apparently not. These handcuffs VW has placed are truly ridiculous and I would ask for a refund if I were not so entrenched in the platform. I travel and use five different workstations and VW can only be installed on two. I do not really want to keep track of which two machines are currently activated and I certainly don't want to uninstall and reinstall every time, especially as VW support folks tell me that while machine-key deactivation is often immediate, it can take up to 90 days to reset! ...90 days!?!? Did you really say ninety days!?!? How is this for simple: Call support, (443) 542-0411, give the last 6 digits of license key and verbally request to deactivate all machines on that license Hang up after complaining a wee bit about this SNAFU, again Open software on needed machine while connected to the internet (software remembers license from last activation so no need to re-enter license key) Start working Note to self: remember to deactivate-all/activate if you intend to work off-line PRIOR to being off-line Note to self: keep license key in phone's address book for easy access and license entry on potential new installation POTENTIAL BENEFITS: The more users that call support for this, the more it costs VW. The more it costs VW, the more likely they are to develop a reasonable method that works for real people in the real world. Spam them with phone calls, I reckon, eh?
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