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  1. here is a copy of an email I just sent re V-Works 13 I swear this version of V-works is the MOST infuriating version ever!!!! I cannot get this to dimension properly. I click on points and it put the dimensions some where else on the page--WTF?? I go to the website to find answers and its so hard to navigate , its driving me crazy. I need tech support to figure out what the problem is with it and I get web request forms.... I have a job to do and cant spend my time looking for solutions to problems. I would rather use version 12..... I had NO issues with this version, I could use on multiple computers, and didn't get charged these service fees. Please give me a number to call to talk to a real live person about these issues. Im not sure if its just me or if others feel the same.
  2. I've been a user since Mini Cad... so Im not exactly a newbie. This has me stumped - but I'm sure there is a simple solution- it is just escaping me. I can't seem to get the snap to right- I have disabled snap to grid and enabled snap to objects- yet I still have trouble getting objects to snap properly and even dimensions seem to be drawn to some invisible grid. I think it has to do with the new 3d enhancements, but I cant seem to figure out the right configuration. It is frustrating and annoying, not to mention slow. anyone else experience this and have suggestions?? Aloha, Dave
  3. hmmm-- do you mean the object's perimeter??? in the OIP....
  4. girth- as if you streatch a tape measure over the surface of an arc--in this case it is a bent piece of glass
  5. I know it must be possible(i hope it is) but i cant figure out how to measure an object's girth. It is an arc--easy enough to measure cord and tangent--- but i cant figure how to measure the grrrrrrrrrrrth. any suggestions?? Aloha, Dave
  6. Is ther a way to dimension in 3d? When i try to dimension in isometric the dim is treated as a 2d value.... In A*** C** the dimensions are a true 3d value and are at the same isometric plane as what is being dimensioned. Am I missing something???? Thanks
  7. jan- I hope you read this-your tip works great. Thanks for the help.I love learning new tricks.. Mahalo, Dave
  8. hmmm-sound interesting-Im familiar with this from excel--thanks for the tip .Ill try it out and let you know how it works
  9. thanks Katie, I thought off scripting-but I cant figure out a way to do this ( Im not that proficient at scripting). If anyone has any input or ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe someone knows of a 3rd party utility?? This would be a nice feature for VW to offer in the next upgrade. Aloha, Dave
  10. I have VW 11 on my PC- I have a need to switch dimension standards in my drawings and find it cumbersome to go to File>preferences>document pref>standards.....etc... is there a plug-in,script or other method of having a pallet that is redily accesible, that allows me to change my standard more efficiently?
  11. the object that doesnt render is a simple extruded octagon, with misc shapes ( numbers ) embossed on its surface.
  12. my graphics card is a ATIRaedon 7000 Im not useing NURBS 3D settings are-direct 3d max resolution hardware acceleration- full the scene isnt complex -rather simple ummmm--copies of symbols?????( dont know- ) this happens not only on this machine -but on a gateway---dont have the specifics for that one at the moment. Im stumped
  13. Im losing 3d data when I try to up the conversion resolution in 3d preferences--- its fine with the resolution set to low but when I try to turn it up parts of the drawing become invisible. They are still there -I can still select objects--but they cant be seen. Im trying to get rid of the wireframe look of my model.I have rendered useing final shaded polygons. Any sugestions???-- useing WXP-on 3gig p4-1qiq memory Mele Kalikimaka!!!!
  14. is there a resorce for 3D spings- or a tutorial for creating my own? I see the 2D in the pallets but i need to creat in a 3D model. Aloha, Dave
  15. Im running V10 on my pc windows XP. I have been useing V10 on my system for close to a year without a problem-and suddenly im having these issues --1) printing to PDF-VW hangs halfway through printing --2) if I try to open a new file the program quits and i recieve a runtime error I have disabled McAfee virus protection and still the same.
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