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  1. By the way, I can add a 2D object & move it around, but apparently a 3D object. Jim
  2. I brought in some toilet & sink objects from the VW Library, on to my design layer. Each object seems frozen on the drawing. I cannot move them. What setting do I have wrong? Appreciate any advice, Jim
  3. Jim W- Please give us your latest advice on Upgrading to a MacPro 4 Core (or 6 Core) vs the Highest end IMac? Using VW Architect Thanks, Jim P.
  4. Tamsin- Thank you that was helpful. I just need more time to practice. Jim P.
  5. I want Clip the shape of a house out of a site model. But, I have had no luck. I do cut a shape out of the site? I recently created a site model from stakes as you suggested. I was delighted with the results. All the Best, Jim P.
  6. Very impressive video! Only wish you had gone a bit slower. Enjoyed your capability.
  7. Has any one had experience w/ the NVIDIA Quatro 4000 2GB graphics card? I am upgrading from a 512MG GeForce 8800 GT.
  8. Any thoughts as to why my program crashes after updating more than 1 Open GL elevation. I can open any, but as soon as I open a 2nd the crash occurs. I got sections to not crash after using hidden line rather than Open GL. But I need the elevations in Open GL.
  9. When I insert a standard Human Figure on a floor plan, it ends up being invisible. The class is on, but no record of anything showing up. Any thoughts??
  10. The Sections quit crashing, when I switched to Hidden Line render, from OpenGL. I do not know why, but at least the Sections can be saved... & no crashing. JP
  11. I have a 66GB file in VW2012 Sp2 that has several house Sections that Crash the program, when trying to update them. I guess, I just have to trash them & cut new sections.... any ideas? A shame to lose the hours of work.
  12. Open GL iso ghosted JPEG file attached. All layers are set to visible, yet most are ghosted. Set to show /snap others. How do i get all visible?
  13. How do I send a JPEG picture, or another format on this board?
  14. I have a small house addition model that I can not get to show up in Active Layer Plane when I use Open GL. Most of the model is greyed out, except for a wall or two. All Design Layers are set to visible. Layer Option is set to Show /Snap Others. Also I cannot rotate the model without jerky-ness and the whole thing disappearing at times. I assume it has to do w/ "the Screen Plane", it won't allow me to switch back to Active.... unless I go back to Top/Plan view. Other house models work just fine in other files. I guess there is something simple I'm missing. Any thoughts?
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