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  1. Good morning, Another one that's been bugging me for a while: In 'hidden line' mode intersecting objects - in this case 2 simple extrudes - are rendered without showing the intersection lines. Attached a close up. To the right, that's how it should look - I've added the lines in 2D. To the left, that's how VW renders it. Any way round this? Kind regards, Timo
  2. Thanks for your help, I think I'm getting there! Learning new things by the minute. Best, Timo
  3. Think I found out - layer linking. sigh. Cheers.
  4. Sorry, meant to add this - am working in 2009. I read about this in your blog Jonathan, but that seems to be new to 2010, isn't it? Surely, there must be a pre-2010 solution to this?
  5. I've tried to set up a perspective view and noticed the following: whilst the 'hidden line' mode works in the individual layer, it doesn't work across layers; in the file attached, the cube on the ground floor (highlighted orange) is in hidden line mode, but it doesn't conceal any of the lines of the ceiling (in 1st floor layer). And the windows don't work either (all are solids, to answer that question). Not quite as straightforward as I thought, this thing...
  6. Good evening, here's another one. I guess it's reasonably basic but I haven't managed to figure it out so far. The windows do now work, by the way. I've organized the building in 3 layers, one for each floor, to keep it tidy. When I switch to views, be it flat elevations, axonometric or perspective view, it only displays one layer, despite all layers switched to show/snap/modify others. I then have to individually switch the other layers to the same view. That's a bit tedious but manageable for elevations etc, but for perspectives, I'd have to set up the view separately in each layer?? what do you do if you've got a 22 floor building...? On the image attched, the windows on ground and first floor are actually in the 2nd floor layer, just moved down along the Z axis. to have them all in one layer would work ok for views, but became a total mess in plan view, as they'd all be below each other. Any help'd be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks Michael and Ray. All windows were built from scratch and so that they could be used from both inside and outside, with an option to make the glass transparent - hence the more complicated build-up. All were made into symbols initially, but in order to figure out if that caused the problems I tried it with groups. Will build another model in a new file today and see how that goes. Thanks, Timo
  8. Michael, hi, yes I observed the same when 'drilling' into the solid addition. It went to somewhere completely different. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the template was set up in VW2009. And as I'm working in 2009, not much has changed. I've done bits and bobs in 3D before, with more complex additions/subtractions, but never noticed anything similar. Will give it a try in a completely new document tomorrow, see how that goes. I tried your suggestion and noticed yet another weird thing. There are for separate window frames next to what once is supposed to become the building (boomerang shaped). The windows in the foreground perform correctly while the windows in the building (which are essentially the same groups as in the foreground) go bananas (see the small bank of windows to the left of the large frame in the foreground on 'windows 3'...)
  9. In the file, go to saved views and choose view 01. then switch from wire frame to hidden line mode and look what's happening... Am working in VW2009 Fundamentals.
  10. As suggested. zip file as .txt file. Change extension back to .zip before extracting.
  11. It's getting better by the minute. In order to assess whether the symbol affects it I now did another window and simply grouped 3 elements (2 solid additions and two extrusions). Now switching modes TURNS the solid additions by 90 degrees... It's not that I haven't done any 3D before, and slightly more complex than this, although admittedly not too much. But it's the first time I'ver ever experienced anything like it. Very weird. Ray, file is 12mb, a bit too large for upload. Can I email it?
  12. Thanks Ray. Things don't just disappear, yet they are splattered all across the drawing board it appears. For whatever reason. Simple extrudes are not affected, but both solid additions and subtractions are affected (I will try further if they are only affected once they have been made into symbols). Any suggestions?
  13. Hi when switching from 'wire frame' view to 'hidden line' objects disappear. the objects that disappear are subtracted solids and then turned into symbols. I'd attach some screen shots to explain if only I knew how... Best, Timo
  14. Thanks for the advice both of you, giving it a go now.
  15. Thanks, that looks very promising (for future imports). Any idea whether the nesting bit (I take it that's when the brown dot appears in the classes list) can also be retrospectively? That would be extremely helpful in this case.


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