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  1. Andrew thanks so much for the script. Cleaned up the issue immediately!
  2. I am teaching a beginning Vectorworks Spotlight class and one of my students has come across a particularly perplexing issue. When creating focus points they created three named 1, 2, 3. Duplicated and moved them and the duplicated points were labeled 4, 6, 7 (skipping the number 5). When a light is focused to "5" it does so in some random space on the stage. I have set all classes and layers to visible and cannot find the hidden focus point 5. I renamed all the focus points with letters and things are fine, but I can still focus a light to "5". Where is this hidden focus point and how do I get rid of it? I have worked on the student's file on my computer and the issue still exists, so it does not appear to be hardware related. I have attached the file. ProgressFilePlot.vwx
  3. I am using both 3 Cell Iris Cyc lights and 3 circuit R40 striplights in my show. How do I get the entire multi-circuit symbol to display properly using the Instrument Summary tool to create my lighting key? Currently I can only pick and display a single part of the instruments. I know there was a way to do this with Joshua Benghiat's "Savvy Symbol Key" but I cannot figure it out with WV2015.
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