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  1. I want to second this - I have this problem frequently, but only with Altman fixtures. Once it happens, no matter how many times I undo/delete & reinsert/replace, etc, the symbol changes everytime I sync with lightwright, or attempt to edit the fixture in every way. It is NOT associated with a specific label legend, because fixtures of other types using the same label legend are not affected. Any other ideas how to fix this? Thanks, Luke
  2. Alarm bells indeed! I have hated this about VW2008 since the day I bought it - here it is 3AM, again, and instead of sleeping I'm manually correcting positions in the paperwork before a plot goes out in the morning. This is why I used AutoCAD for so long. I'd rather use a program that doesn't think, than use one that thinks it's right and I'm wrong. Having VW fill in the position once is a great feature; having it assert position and not let the user change it manually in Object Info...I'm boggled. I the user know what position I want that to be in, and I shouldn't ever have to resort to chicanery to get my way. At least put a preference in the next update so that those of us who hate this can turn it off.


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