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  1. Heres 2 examples I did creating transparent backgrounds in renderworks. Scroll down this page to the 2 examples. http://www.luminatechnical.com/rendering.html
  2. For me, over the past 10 years we have used 3D StudioMax. Here's some small examples. http://www.luminatechnical.com/rendering.html Also, this is mentioned in this weeks our blog, "Rinse and repeat". visit http://luminatechnical.blogspot.com/ Hope this helps
  3. ok, all done. Now both files are uploaded. To summarize, my experiment was to take a VW orbital animation I created of 4 rotating plasma screens with the company logo and apply a chroma key Green background for the purpose of later applying a background video behind the rotating screens(since VW and Renderworks do not have these mapping options). Once the rendering was completed, the chroma green back ground was keyed out using Final cut pro and replaced with a live video piece from Stage8 Productions. This techniques works great. both of these example files reside at http://www.LuminaTechnical.com/rendering.html scroll to bottom of page for the files. You can also reach me at kenny@luminatechnical.com
  4. Here you go, I posted the rendered orbital animation with the Digicomp Chroma green rendered background on my website. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage. There you will see two Stage8 Productions icons. Respective of the rendering with and without the chromakey background. http://www.luminatechnical.com/rendering.html
  5. sure, I'm slammed right now, but tomorrow I'll get something together showing this.
  6. Hey everyone, my experiment worked great. Just got back from my Video guys. All I did was choose the Rosco Digi-Comp Chroma Green color from the VectorWorks color Palette and specified it to be used as the Rendered background. My Video department simply Keyed out the chroma green and viola, a transparent background. Works great! This techniques can be used for any renderings or animations that require a "Alpha Channel" or transparent background. Kenny Green Owner - LUMINA Technical Design VW 2009, RW 2009, SpotLight 2009 Win XP, SP2 Intel CPU http://www.luminatechnical.com
  7. thanks, are there step by step instructions for this somewhere? I've been trying to locate this info in the Help files but it's hit and miss. One thing I just tried was to apply a single color (Chroma Green) as a Renderworks background. Then rendered the animation and the background remained, now I can hand it over to my Video department and they can knock out the chroma green...should work, I'm waiting to hear back from Video.
  8. How would one create a transparent background in their renderings using renderworks 2009? I need to have my backgrounds transparent for use in video and web applications. I have found no simple button like in Photoshop? I don't want white, I don't want black, I want transparent. Any info on this would be appreciated. Kenny Green http://www.luminatechnical.com/renering.html


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