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  1. How do I turn on plant massing...and it is on any plant. i can add a column in with it and it shows up just fine. However the plants just show up as tiny little lines that resemble the 3d plane.
  2. I have the same problem and have no idea what the deal is. I am looking everywhere for the answer. ?????????????
  3. So I have built my customers new kitchen design up, got cabinets, outlets, countertops, tile floors, you name it. However, I can not find any appliances in this program to insert a refrigerator or dishwasher, stove, no appliances anywhere. Am I missing them or do they not exist? I am running a 30 day trial demo on CD, but I think it is just like the purchased program just with a time limit. Thanks!
  4. Well something I did made it happen. i have a class called wall exterior now but the first time i tried it i did not find it as an option from the drop down menu. But somehow while messing with your instructions I did make that appear, just not sure how i did it? So now i am scared to close my project because I don't want to loose the ability to frame a wall. I hope this program gets easier as I work with it. I am on my last 15 days of trial and have to make a choice between Vectorworks on my beloved mac or getting a PC and purchasing Revit. I tried Revit and was up and running on my project in 4 hrs! It was laid out so easy that doing basic layouts where a breeze. But not sure about the long run between the two. I have heard good about both and bad about both. Who knows which is best for me, but $6000 and a new PC is a hard sell. - Thanks!!!
  5. Everytime I try to use the wall framer it tells me "no walls framed. All walls on the selected layers exist in classes that have not been selected for framing" how to I do that? I can frame a floor using the command but not a wall?


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