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  1. Eureka! Thank you Pat - my drawing units are millimetres by default and the drawing is at 1:200, so by adding two zeros I now have a bar length big enough to see. Great.
  2. I'm using VW 2009. I just searched for "scale bar" on online help and got "no results found". I have the Design Series User's Guide open at p 357 but it doesn't gey me anywhere.
  3. Sorry to be so basic, but how and where do I add a scale bar - on a viewport, or on a design layer? My attempts so far simply result in one vertical line, labelled "0m" (zero metres). I've tried the User's Guide and Help to no avail.
  4. Many thanks to all for your comments - I think was trying to make my life more complicated than necessary! Roger
  5. So, when I create new plant objects (symbols), which is what I am doing - ie setting up a plant library so I can start using the new software - I leave the active class as "none" rather than always trying to class them as "plants"?
  6. Many (but not quite all) of the outlines of new plant symbols I have created disappear when I make the "none" class invisible, even though the object information tells me they are are in the plants-components-tags class. Centre dots and tags remain visible. Oddly, if I make the "none" class active and switch the visibility to "active class only" they are not visible there either. Where have they gone and how do I get them back? I can get round the problem by always having the "none" class visible but it shouldn't be like this. I've also had problems with off-centre dots but that's a different story. I had these problems with the student version of 2008. Having recently bought the full version I thought I'd start from scratch and avoid the glitches, but it is happening all over again. Any advice gratefully received!


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