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  1. thanks for your help! I suddenly have a memory that Vectorworks fixed the importing dwg/dfx problems in a later version than mine, perhaps I've been lucky not to come across it before! Anyway, I do now have a usable survey and thank you!
  2. sorry, comes of being self-taught! The layer scale of the imported file was 1:0.1; I 'selected all' with 'active only' in layer options, then opened the layers dialogue box, clicked on 'scale' and then under 'enlargement' clicked on 100x; this then automatically created a new layer ('design layer two') which, in the layers dialogue box, stated that the scale was 1:100. However, if the layer options tab is set to 'active only' the screen is blank, if it's set to 'show all' it's showing the survey at 1:100. If I return to the imported survey layer, it's still saying it's 1:0.1 and measuring the external dimensions of a long wall at 13.1mm - this wall is measured at 13.1m when I return to design layer two. It's really strange! But as I said, even when I set the layer option to 'show/snap/modify' I can't actually modify the survey unless I'm on that imported survey layer, and then I'm in the wrong layer scale! I can't see any way round at the moment other than to redraw in design layer two over the existing survey, and hope that I 'trace over' in the right place... Does this make sense? thanks for your patience in this!
  3. thanks, I seem to have done it though not entirely satisfactorily as I can't now manipulate the data on the survey (eg can't snap to object) but it is at least telling me that my building is 13.1 metres wide and not 13.1mm as it insisted on before! If anyone else has the same trouble, I did as you suggested (thank you!) and enlarged using the enlargement on the scale within the layer options, and it automatically created a new layer with the info on at the correct scale - though if I select active only layer the page is blank - very strange and I'm sure that can't be quite right. I do have to redraw, and am slightly worried that I'll adjust the data by having to do that, fortunately this isn't mm critical. If you happen to know why that's happening and how to get round it?... Thanks!
  4. thanks, but it doesn't seem to be working! The cad file is set in mm at 1:1, I need it in m at 1:100. I've imported into a new file, either set to 1:1 and mm or set to m and 1:100 (and all possible combinations!). I've tried copying and pasting as a new layer with a 1:100 scale (I think that's worked before) but that's not working either. Normally it's an automatic adjustment, ie I set a new file to m and 1:100, import the dwg and it comes out as such and ready to use. So it needs to be reduced to 1:100 but enlarged to fit the nominal A0 sheet - so it's reducing but not then scaling to fit the page. I've tried all the options before importing including custom settings set to mm (as the import file) and 1:100, and again all combinations of this, and it's still not working. I've never had this problem before so don't know if the surveyor is using an older/newer version of CAD which isn't compatible, or whether I should ask him to send it in a different format (eg dfx) or whether I'm missing something and could sort it from here...?
  5. I use Landmark 11, and often receive dwg files from surveyors. I've just received one and can't manipulate it into a useable scale. Normally Vectorworks adjusts the scale automatically, so that I end up with something on A0ish at 1:100, but whatever I do I can't amend the scale without it reducing the whole survey to something tiny on an A0size, unusable and with great fat lines. Any ideas?
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