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  1. When?

    I've gone back to 8.5.2... I don't have time to be a product tester anymore.

    I also found that exporting to version 8.5 doesn't work all that well mainly because of longer symbol names (which btw I love), Angle dims are messed up and plug in objects are no longer editable.

  2. Re. other annoyances:

    One more ...

    -sometimes when I move a circle or a symbol it moves "somewhere else" with circles it seems the center stays put and the raduis moves. (if I move a 1/2" cirlce 6' the "new" circle MIGHT be 6'-0 1/2") the Symbols .... they could go just about any where.... what ever does this is not consistent. I just moved a group that contains a dozen cirlces and only two went wierd...copy/paste from one file to another seems to do it as well... sometimes...

  3. Re. other annoyances:

    I'm running OS9.1.1 on a G4 with 256MB Ram (whatever it was that came in the machine)

    -I find VW9 to be very slow when I exit a symbole and sometimes when exiting groups.

    -I noticed that file sizes are much much larger in VW9 as well. (eg: VW8.5.2 file is 2.7MB, Opened and saved in VW9 is now 4.3MB)

    -Crashes when I try to send a fax of a drawing in Global Village.

    -Crashes sometimes if you move the handle on an associated dimension.

    -Undo sometimes gets stuck and will only undo things I did 5 min. ago. but nothing since then (If I close the file and re-open it undo behaves again for awhile)

    -Some old scripts don't work anymore.

    -I need set screws back.

    -split is cool but it doesn't replace the Menu command trim.

    -some key's I used to use are not "reserved by VW" such as the space bar.. I want to be able to switch key to were I need them!!!

    I seem to have gone off on a rant... and no I do not feel better...

  4. A long time ago Tom Urie at Graphsoft wrote a script called "Add Bubble" I don't remember where I got it from but it has become the bassis for many many many of my daily commands (note the emphasis...) in V9 I get this error when ever I use one of these scripts....

    Error: ADDBUBBLE DOMENUTEXT - NameList index is outside the list

    Help? I wish I had time to learn Vector script better but the boss figures I should concentate on drawing...


  5. In V9 the angle dimension "to a referance line" only seems to behave when it feels like it...sometimes the witness lines will not show (even if they are on) sometimes the reference line will only go to an even 90? (even if you draw it at say 5?) some times it will only reference to +180? of what you want.... and every once in a while it works just fine... am I having fun yet!

  6. I know the trim tool works great for what it does but I really do miss the "command -T" menu version of the tool... couldn't it come back with a different short cut... often it is necessary to trim several lines at once... clip almost does it but I still have to select all the lines I want to cut first...

  7. In V9... when I copy dimensions from one drawing to another the class changes to "none" ...no good... I use classes for colours and line types etc... "none" and "dimension" never look the same. The same thing happens with circle center marks... It has me wondering what other niffty little annoyances I'll have to "work around" in V9.

  8. We had a similar problem and it turned out to be the font. We re-loader our Arial font (the one we use) from an older system and it works fine. btw. I now have a copy of this font backed-up so I can re-install it when ever somebody updates my font folder.

  9. Plug in objects are great except they always use the class "None" for their attributes. I would like it if they could use the class they are assigned for their attributes. For example... break lines are always "centerlines" class for us and detail markers are always "stamps" class. Even if it could be changed after insertion without ungrouping would be great.

  10. Normally a good thing but not when I'm Drawing!!!

    For some reason in VW9 I can not see the handles... makes drawing rather difficult... anyone know where they went? I can still see the smart cues but when I select anything the only way to tell is from the object info...

  11. We usually dimension drawings with fractions but sometimes there will be details with machining required and I have to have tolenence dims as well. Right now I have to set my tolerence then set the dimension to dual, then turn off the primary dimension and go to the secondary dimension and delete those stupid brackets (I really hate those) ... Why can't I just set the dimension to use the secondary dimension and put in the tolerance?

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