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  1. We've encountered a problem in VW 2011 where if an object with data is in a viewport on a design layer any numbers in the data are doubled. This doesn't happen if the viewport is on a sheet layer.

    I can't think of a reason why I'd want the data to be doubled, but even if there are people out there who'd want that as a feature there really should be an option to include or not include the data in the object info palette.

  2. We use a system of symbols with record formats to make co-ordinate tables for setting out. This worked fine in VW12, but we're having problems in VW2008 to do with references within the formulae. We use excel to make the list of numbers and then copy them in to the first column. As an aside it would be nice if the worksheets had an excel-like feature where you can add the first couple of numbers then select and drag to get the rest.

    We then have a formula in each of the next two columns that references the X-centre and Y-centre of the symbols with the record given in the first column. In VW12 we could do that using e.g. =XCENTER((('Co-ord'.'Ref'=A2))) but this doesn't seem to work any more for new worksheets (bizarrely old worksheets still update OK).

    See the enclosed drawing with three symbols with records, the first two rows contain the formula and a reference to the cell containing the record number - this has not worked. The last row has the record number entered manually and does work - however with some of our drawings having 600 co-ordinate references I'm not too keen to have to revise each record manually.

    Anyone have any ideas?? :)

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