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      How to use the Wishlist   09/21/2016

      Create a new post here, stating both what you would like to see added to Vectorworks or it's supporting systems and web pages and why you would like that change made. If you see an idea you like, press the ^ arrow to the left of the post's title to promote that idea or feel free to comment on that idea with any additional considerations or concerns you may have. 

Wishlist - Feature and Content Requests

Please post your Vectorworks wishes and suggestions here. There is no guarantee when, or if, these will be incorporated, but we will make sure that all requests are entered in our database.

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    • Looks like the majority of those tools are in Architect or Designer and not Fundamentals:

    • Can't resist to chime on this discussion with my own experiences   I'm using two 2K monitors at the moment as a compromise (when I got them the 4K monitors were still way more pricey and most graphics cards could not handle two 4K monitors well enough). The reason is that I want my working area on one screen and palettes and/or review documents to be on the second screen to keep clutter to a minimum. Having both on a single 4K monitor (compared to two 2K monitors) is not that practical anyway for me given the kind of drawings I do and there are connectivity things to be aware of.   Large 4k/8K TV screens can be useful as monitors for getting as much real estate on a screen as possible without things getting too small on screen. I've used them for presentation purposes or even work on them live during review meetings with decent results. They can cost considerably less than an equivalent computer monitor, so that is a good reason to get one.  If you do, make sure you can properly adjust the colours if you want to get realistic colours as TV screens tend to be somewhat oversaturated compared to computer monitors and may have a different colour balance.  If you are working on your laptop connected to a TV screen and then also look at your laptop screen the colour differences can sometimes be quite large. Computer monitors usually can be colour calibrated to correct for colour casts etc., but don't expect this to be the norm for TV screens though it is becoming possible on more and more  screens by now, so you may want to look for that if it matters (e.g. for aerial photos etc.)   With regard to connections... HDMI connections need to be at least HDMI 2.0 and preferably HDMI 2.1 but Displayport 1.2 or higher is preferred for now for computer monitors. DVI cannot properly handle two 2K monitors at all, let alone higher resolutions. HDMI connections I have used so far often were of a bit less quality than Displayport connections (i.e. sharpness was generally better through a Displayport connection than a HDMI connection on the same monitor).

      As mentioned above, viewing distance is a factor, but ergonomic positioning is too. You really need to have sufficient viewing distance to avoid wear on your neck and shoulder if you sit behind the monitor for most of the day. I'd rather go for two smaller monitors with sufficient resolution (even if that less than 4K) than a single large one for purely ergonomic reasons. (I'd go for a two monitor setup anyway, even if it would be 4K for each monitor).
    • After years of using Vectorworks 9, I am evaluating Vectorworks 2018 to determine if Fundamentals suits my needs or if I will need to bite the bullet and get Architect. Thus far, using the Fundamentals workspace has allowed me to work within the default setup for Vectorworks Fundamentals, but it can be misleading as it omits some things that are available in Fundamentals. For example, I found out that while they do not appear by default the Door and Window tools could be added to the Walls toolset because it was explicitly noted in the online help. Otherwise, the online help offers icons to note features that are only available to certain Vectorworks products.   I am now exploring some of the plug-in object options and noticed that there are tools specifically for adding cabinets to drawings. The Furn/Fixtures toolset does not appear in the Fundamentals workspace and the online help does not have an icon indicating that the feature is not available in Fundamentals. My uncertainty is due to the fact that there is also no text or subsection explicitly indicating that this toolset is available in Fundamentals as there was for the Door and Window tools when I looked them up. So, is the Furn/Fixtures toolset available in Vectorworks Fundamentals?
    • It would be useful to have an easy way to find out the version. The only way I know of is to open a VW file in a text editor. I took a quick look in the function reference and I'm not even sure there's a function to query this information in a script.   Kevin
    • you are the man! thank you!!  


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