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      How to use the Wishlist   09/21/2016

      Create a new post here, stating both what you would like to see added to Vectorworks or it's supporting systems and web pages and why you would like that change made. If you see an idea you like, press the ^ arrow to the left of the post's title to promote that idea or feel free to comment on that idea with any additional considerations or concerns you may have. 

Wishlist - Feature and Content Requests

Please post your Vectorworks wishes and suggestions here. There is no guarantee when, or if, these will be incorporated, but we will make sure that all requests are entered in our database.

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    • Hi Gadzooks, thank you for your suggestion, I understand your point of view.   The thing is I don't think I have used any of the Reports, Records, ... before on any project of mine.   So I have not a clear idea and I'd like to understand them. Mainly what is the difference between them and when to use which for what.
      Cheers, Grethe
    • I'm trying to make some simple cubbies (basically just a grid of horizontal and vertical extrudes) using Marionette, but I can't seem to just simply add all of the extrudes together to create a solid addition (so that all of the joint lines won't show).  I've tried using the Solid Boolean node in a variety of ways, but, the best I can do is create four, or more, coincident solids (see attached), when all I want is just one solid.  Is there a node to just simply add solids together, or a way to use the Solid Boolean node to do this?  Thanks! 07-Add Solids-04-00.vwx
    • Bump, I'd like to report this as a bug of sorts, but it's not. Worksheet Database Sub-Row heights can be set individually now, which adds flexibility, except with the drawback that the previous default behaviour has been lost. Maybe this should be moved to the Wish List as a request for some way to restore the previous behaviour? (See below.) Otherwise many Worksheets will have to be edited every time they're introduced into a drawing.       
    • Maybe something like the Eyedropper tool?
    •     Yes however if you are spending a good amount of time creating classes then I would recommend building up s set of standard classes that you use and developing project templates which already have these classes in them.   If you don't always need every class for every project then you can create a "myclasses' file that is kept in the VW user folder Called "standards'. When you want a new class you can then right click on the classes tab of the Nav palette >New class>import and your "my classes" file will appear in a drop down list among a bunch of other default VW standard files. Select your file, choose one or more classes that you want  Done.   If you find yourself often creating the same classes on different projects then this is definitely the way to go. Added benefits are: The class attributes can be set up exactly how you want them. I.e . No further editing is needed the classes can confirm to your class-sub class naming system to seamlessly be incorporated into your project files Standardised classes can be integrated into your symbol library, wall, roof, slab styles etc          


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