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    • Hi all.   Sorry for all the questions. (If anyone needs help with landscaping questions, send me a message) Maybe a way of me giving back to the forum.   I like to design in the orientation of the block. having it with the front of the block to the bottom and the back to the top.   However this causes a problem with long blocks when I go to fit it on a page in landscape orientation.   Is it best practice to flip the viewport 90deg? However all the text would be wrong. Or Is it better to flip the completed design. Then do all the tags and notes last, so they are in the correct orientation when in landscape? Or Is there a better way?   Thanks  
    • @JimW Here is a link to them. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/my-drive I have checked and they mass planting is unticked. I have reduced the line to .05mm. But still happens. I have changed the plant rotation to different settings. But still come out the same way in the PDF. I did a test on a new page with just the plants. What did work on this is change the scale from 1:200 to 1:100. So I am guessing it is a scaling things. I would like to know what you think. Thanks. PS I also changed the Philo symbol to a new one with just lines. No difference.
    • Here's a step by step how I would build the geometry of a gothic arch.   After going through all the steps I think I would recommend building it in Top/Plan view on its back, instead of in front view, and then switching to a side view and rotating it into the correct orientation. The user friendly nature of Top/Plan would make the process a little easier. The Sweep tool is one of those tools that prefers Top/Plan and working in Top/Plan would mitigate some of the alignment issues you're struggling with.   Kevin   Gothic Arch Example.vwx
    • What are you trying to do with Vectorworks and these PDFs? Do you need to import them into VW? Or do you need some of the data from the bills in VW?  Or is this not a VW related question?
    • I am currently evaluating Vectorworks 2018 in order to replace my old Vectorworks 9 installation. Long story short, I am not a professional draftsman, I design houses for fun, had an academic license for Vectorworks 9 when I was in college, I prefer the Vectorworks workflow paradigm to the AutoCAD paradigm used by most CAD packages, time flew by, yada, yada, yada. One of the first things I needed to learn with 2018 was converting my old Vectorworks 9 drawings to Vectorworks 2018 drawings. Easy enough. I eventually noticed that plug-in objects, such as doors and windows, were locked; that is, I could not change their parameters as nearly all were disabled. I learned about the Update Plug-in Objects feature. Again, easy enough except one caveat.   When I updated plug-in objects in a converted old drawing I noticed that doors and windows were not properly displaying in 2D plan view. Both object types showed as breaks in their respective walls, but not much else. Windows only showed the jamb and sill/stool, or perhaps just the wall lines, but the framing was not present. Doors only showed the jamb, but the actual door and swing line(s) are not visible. This issue also appears in older drawings that have been converted, but in which I have not updated the existing plug-in objects. When I create new doors or windows in these drawings they initially display these objects as expected, but after working on the drawing for some time they eventually begin to effectively display in the 2D plan view as cased openings as I described previously; the existing doors and windows that have not been updated display fine. Once the issue arises any new door or window added to the drawing improperly displays incorrectly upon insertion into the drawing. Note that in 3D views, all doors and windows have thus far appeared to render as expected.   I have been using my exiting drawings to evaluate Vectorworks 2018 to date, and I plan on attempting to redo one of my simpler homes in 2018 from scratch soon to get a better feel for the new workflow; obviously there have been considerable UI and workflow changes since Vectorworks 9. As such, I do not know if this issue arises in native Vectorworks 2018 drawings although doors and windows that have inserted into new blank drawings appear to display as expected.   Has anyone else come across this issue of plug-in objects not displaying properly in 2D plan view? If so, does anyone know what causes this to occur and if this issue only occurs with older drawing that have been converted?    


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