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Psychometric Chart 2.0.0

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About This File

This is a Marionette Object that downloads weather data from the internet based on the address/location you enter into the OIP. The data this graphic shows the psychometric data for a specific location. You must have a valid internet connection to use this MO.

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Running Vectorworks 2016 Architect w/ Renderworks.


This and the other similar environmental design MOs (wind rose, sun path, temperature and precipitation) look like a great use of Marionette.  I've tried downloading and opening them and receive the dreaded window below. 



I assume I am unable to open the files as you are using a more recent version of Vectorworks.  Would it be possible to upload versions compatible with Vectorworks 2016? 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm sorry but this file uses capabilities that are not available in Vectorworks 2016, namely importing a Python library. This Marionette object and the other Weather Analysis MOs use an external Python library that gives you latitude and longitude based on an address/location.

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No worries,  thank you for the information. 


FYI - Your Introduction to Marionette videos have been very useful - many thanks!



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Thanks so much for creating these for all of us to use!  Very Useful.

I don't know enough of Marionette yet to be able to modify this but for some reason when importing to 2018 all the text gets messed up so it's not readable.  If you ever get a chance please let me know what would need to be changed to fix it.



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Hi, I tried inputing an Australian city in the OIP and it crashed VW. Is there a specific format for inputting the address? Thanks

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Thank you for these! The temperature, wind, and sun path work great. I get the attached error on the precipitation chart and the psychometric chart. I'm on Architect 2020. I'm having trouble figuring out the fix as I'm just getting started with marionette.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 8.23.35 AM.png

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