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Sun Path Diagram 3.0.0

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About This File

This is a Marionette Object that downloads weather data from the internet based on the address/location you enter into the OIP. The data this graphic shows is the angle of the sun path at different times of the year. You must have a valid internet connection to use this MO.

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


This file has been updated so the cardinal directions are labeled correctly.

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Hi sbarrett,


I've been having a play with this sun path marionette and it's great!  I just had a quick query for you - the azimuth bearings are correct but the sunrise and sunset dates are incorrect for our locations in NZ (out by almost exactly one hour in our winter and almost exactly two hours  in our summer - I'm guessing daylight savings has something to do with the hour difference between the two)


If I could be so bold as to suggest for the future (and please don't take this as criticism) :


- Ability to turn on and off the blue intermediary lines (perhaps classed as something unique?)

- Ability to turn off the blue intermediary sunrise and sunset times (perhaps classed as something unique?)


As a work-around, once I have set the location I can ungroup the Marionette object and delete (or classify and alter visibility) the unwanted intermediate lines and times to achieve the desired look

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @amcdonell-


This is a bug that will be fixed for 2019 in a future service pack. The problem is that with the Mac OS, Apple changed the way that they write file paths, so the command to locate an external library (in this case the geopy library) is broken. This is only a bug for those running Vectorworks on a Mac that is running 10.13 or higher. I also run this OS so I am currently experiencing this bug as well. Unfortunately I don't have any fixes. The script should still work on a PC and on an older Mac OS. This is true for all of my weather analysis graphs.

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Thanks mate, its great little feature you have created so, I look forward to the potential resolution in 2019. Though I fear it'll be at the end of a very long list of bugs to be fixed for Sp1 ! 2019 is the most crashy VW ive used for about 10 years.



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Thanks a lot for all those scripts. They are awesome, and very useful for architects.

As chrispole mentioned, a 3D version linked to the heliodon's shadow analysis would be a great evolution.

An other cool additional feature would be to have a spreadsheet with all the values.


Again, many thanks for this work !

note  I had to disable the SIP protection on macOS 10.15 in order to be able to make the additional installation.

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@sbarrett Hi,


I've just downloaded the Sun Path Diagram and having the same error codes posted by @amcdonell above

I'm running 2020 SP6 on OS BigSure 11.2.2.

Location Australia


Wondering if there are any fixes for this yet?


Thanks 🙂



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I'm getting the same errors as above - it would be great if this tool could be updated and incorporated into Vectorworks. The 3D aspects previously mentioned would be good additions too.

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@sbarrett Cannot use in VW 2024, get message that it cannot download Python GEOPY...Can we just make this built into VW for upcoming revisions, everyone is doing solar studies and heliodon is not sufficient on it own to graphically show sun path to clients...even better would be a 3D version of this like Revit has.

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Well I did not get any update from @sbarrett to fix this but can share that I got this Marionette working after copying the files from VW 2023 install folder to the VW 2024 folder. Simply copy/paste all files in C:\Users\patri\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2024\Python Externals


Obviously your users sub-folder (in bold above) will be different.

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This is great, thanks @sbarrett


Are the axes labelled correctly? It looks like they are rotated 90deg anticlockwise on my file? West is at the top when it should be North unless I am misunderstanding?


I tried to edit the 'control geometry' but no luck.



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On 12/2/2023 at 12:52 PM, Francisco J. D. Rogers said:

I appreciate to mucho your efforts in sustainable design. But this tool is made only for the US. I can't be part because I am in Chile.


Francisco - It works ok for me and I am in the UK. I put "Cambridge, UK" in the location field in the OIP and it seems to work. Are you adding "CL" or similar after the city?

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On 12/2/2023 at 11:52 PM, Francisco J. D. Rogers said:

I appreciate to mucho your efforts in sustainable design. But this tool is made only for the US. I can't be part because I am in Chile.


It works for Australia as well. 


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