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TV All-in-One 1.3

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No need to keep different size TV symbols any more with this handy Marionette. The screen image is adjusted automatically to the size of the screen and standard screen sizes can be chosen from a popup-menu.



  • Generates a TV set at standard sizes or at a user-defined custom size
  • The "Automatic Size" option will fit the maximum available size into the given Box ("Shelf").
  • Choose from different Images to be shown on screen
  • Add a frame in black gloss or aluminium
  • Option to use surround light (aka "Ambilight")
  • Wall mounted (centre of box) or free standing
  • Can be used inside an interiorcad cabinet and will automatically adjust its size to the available space inside its box 



What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


  • Fixed problem with insertion into interiorcad cabinet


**This needs Vectorworks 2020 SP3 to run properly**

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This is an amazing marionette object!


For some reason though when I make any changes to the options, the TV dissapears... What should I do so that the TV appears and doesn't hide?

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21 hours ago, Stephan Moenninghoff said:


@martinfdc do you have "Show unit mark" turned on? Can you try turning it off, regenerating your TV and then turning it back on? Does that help?


@Stefan, this solved the issue in version 1.0 .0

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4 hours ago, Stephan Moenninghoff said:

I have a fix available. Please download v. 1.1. Please also try copying and pasting into other documents. It should now work without issue.

Many thanks @Stephan Moenninghoff now everything works perfect, even when copying from file to file.

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Hi Stephan,


Whenever I try to change a value of this object I get the following issue:






Kind regards,


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Hi Bert, Stephan,


I think this has something to do with the Benelux version. I also Get this Error.



In the Benelux version we use an extra subfolder in the Userfolders. NLD and ENG for the different language versions running on a system. I think we have to look for a solutions there.


Kind Regards, Freundliche Grüße, Vriendelijke groet!



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I don't know what exctly is causing this. If I unwrap the object node and run the command I get an error pointing to a divide node. Apparently, the unit conversion is acting up and something is getting divided by zero. If I change units to m and then back to mm and rewrap the network and convert to an object node, everything runs without issue. I didn't write the unit conversion node. It is one I collected off the old forum.

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8 minutes ago, Mark Rap said:

@Stephan Moenninghoff This works for me too, just opening the document without unwrapping the network, set units to meters and back to mm. No Issue aymore.

Yes, unwrapping is necessary only for debugging. I needed to find out which node was causing the error. 

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Hi Stephan, 


I like your Marionetts and they run pretty good exept the tv marionette. 


Im running on Interiorcad 2020 F6/6.1 and if I put the Marionette in a Box Object on the new Korpusgenerator it wount show up. 


I could change the background and all the other stuff but the tv didnt show up.


3D Details are activated 




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3 hours ago, Florian Stroh said:

I tried both 


i assigned the values and also added it again 


both dont work 

Ok send me the file please. I'll have a look. 

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Hi Stephan,


great script, and this is the first time I've played with marionette,

I need to add 30 seperate image files, so have duplicated one image texture and renamed, changed image etc but i'm having issues getting them to update in the tv image drop down list.


I have been able to manually edit the nodes to get them to display the correct options, however when selected these nodes just show a black screen.

any advice? I'm sure this is something stupid and if i didn't need 30 seperate images i would just modify the current ones.



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