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Apartment Tag / Wohnungsstempel 1.3.5

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About This File

About this File

This tool is available in english ("Apartment Tag") and german ("Wohnungsstempel"). The contents are nearly the same just translated.


This Marionette Tool summarize all Space-Areas, which are part of the same Appartement Number and shows the result in a symbol based Marionette stamp. Alternatively we can pull out sum of apartment area with a worksheet. But this Marionette is also a nice method to do this.



1. The Marionette Objects access to the field "11_Room ID" of the space object. Every other field can be used if necessary by editing script.
2. With the Marionette PIOs field "ApartmentID" you can tell the stamp, which apartment should be displayed
3. With the Checkbox "Layer from Apartment Tag". You can make the Tag collecting spaces of the tag's layer. Otherwise it will collect areas from the layer of the layer popup
4. You can exclude Spaces with specified keywords. Delimiter for Keywords is "$"
5. To use the Marionette PIO on the Target Document, copy/paste the PIO and then import the Symbol definitions from the Folder "ApartmentStamps" on the Target Document.



Über diese Datei

Dieses Werkzeug ist auf Deutsch ("Wohnungsstempel") und auf Englisch ("Apartment Tag") verfügbar. Die Inhalte sind bis auf die übersetzten Bezeichnungen nahezu gleich.


Der Marionette Wohnungsstempel fasst Wohnungsflächen zusammen und zeigt diese in einem Symbolbasierten Marionette-Stempel an. Raumflächen können auch mittels Tabellen ausgezogen werden. Der Wohungsstempel ist eine komfortable alternative.


1. Räume welche zur gleichen Wohung gehören, werden mit dem Standardfeld "Raum ID" identifiziert. Auch andere Kriterien für die Wohungszugehörigkeit können festgelegt werden, dazu muss das Script geändert werden.
2. Im Feld "WohnungsID" wird eingestellt, welche Wohung angezeigt werden soll.

3.  Mit der Checkbox "Ebene von Wohungsstempel" lassen sich explizit die Räume auf die Ebene des Wohungsstempels eingrenzen. Ist die Checkbox deaktiviert, gilt die Einstellung "Räume von Ebene:" 

4. Räume mit bestimmten Namen, können hier ausgeschlossen werden. Trennung der Namen erfolgt mit "$"
5. Um den Wohnungsstempel auf einem anderen Projekt zu verwenden, zuerst das PlugIn mit copy/paste übertragen, dann die Symbolressourcen im Ordner "Wohnungsstempel" auf das Zieldokument importieren.




Edited by DomC

What's New in Version 1.3.5   See changelog


Fix für FB und RB Höhen 2024
Fix for Elevation Values 2024

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Hallo DomC,

thanks for this post and the tool. It's great! 

I am using this marionette. But, still...there are some issues.

As soon as we move the stamp, the area text disappears.

The same happens when we rotate it. 

If we change the scale from 1:50 to 1:100 the line spacing of the stamp does not work.

Is it possible to repair this bugs?

cheers, Mi&D

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Can't reproduce that with the information you delivered.


1. Maybe your stamp just loss connection to the rooms, Room ID changed etc. Does your spaces have the value Room ID as Example "W.1.1" like in my example? 

    Changing scale, rotating or moving maybe just update your stamp and it shows the truth (stamp has no link to rooms)

3. Does my example work? If yes, what you made different?

4. Maybe you created a hybrid symbol and symbol text is 3D or something like this?

5. Maybe there is an issue with your document units show or hide or did you created a custom area unit? The record field is a number if you feed this number with a string (5 qm instead of 5.0) it will maybe fail. Try to make a Text field in the record format could fix if this was the issue.


6. Line Spacing

The tool works like a symbol with text, linked to record. So you can test that with a simple symbol. Your appartment area stamp will look like your symbol. If it looks wrong, your symbol also looks wrong. Maybe unfix textfield width in your symbols. 


7. Upload your Example ... it's hard to help without that.




Edited by DomC
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Thanks for Reply. DomC

In the following I try to reproduce what I did:

1. copy/paste the "area marionette" from "Appartment Area.vwx" into my file. I change the Room ID from "B.2" into "2301" and actualize. In this moment the m2 line


In the other hand I've noticed that even though it is in my file, the stamp still shows the m2 area of "Appartment Area.vwx". As soon as I move the stamp, the area m2 disappears. I didn't find a way to make it show up again. 

Another user recommended me to transform the marionette object into a wrapper node, and the edit the marionette, to transform it again into an object node.

But even this didn't work.

the file is very large, I uploaded it on wetransfer: Here is the Download-Link 

If you could have a look at it, would be great.



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It's point 1 from my list above. This stamp needs the Field "Raum ID" which is an empty field in all your spaces. "Raum ID" is not the same as "Raum Nummer".

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Hi DomC,

thanks for reply.

As you can see in the uploaded images, I am using Room ID.

Nevertheless the Marionette Stamp is not displaying the area...


I tested the Marionette in a new file, in which i copy/pasted 3 spaces.

I copy/pasted the Marionette from your Apartment Area.vwx. As soon as I move it or actualize it, the line spacing isn't working anymore.

But the area m2 stays ok. Which is not the case in the file I've sent you on wetransfer. How come?

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-21 um 09.19.54.JPG

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-21 um 09.20.35.JPG

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-21 um 09.23.10.JPG

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1. In your original File-Download none of the Room_IDs have some content. Now you found the right field the m2 is visible, right?

2. If I copy the original Marionette in your original File, enter a room id and link room id to the marionette (same room id), everything works as described.

3. You created a Marionette, which is completely different to the original script. You don't use a symbol you just place text objects. If you created a new script maybe a Thread in the forum would be the right place to discuss this. 

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Hello DomC,

thanks for reply!

1. yes. correct.

2. also correct

3. With the help of some colleagues in VW-Forum we developed - based on your marionette - a marionette in which we can adjust the text format and -style.

Concerning the symboI-issue : I wasn't aware so far, that it affects the performance of the marionette whenever it is a symbol or not...Could you please give me a hint, were I can get more information about this topic...

thanks, Mi&D

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hello DomC,

in the Swiss VW-Forum some users are developing a methode similar to your marionette "apartment area". see #38 on



moreover this marionette should write the area of all spaces with the same Room ID in a database.

after this we can use mutli-stamp which takes this information from the database for getting the data on our plans.

In the end it should be possible to make a legend based on this data. 


could you help me with this?

how can we program the marionette, so that it attaches the apartment area  in each and every room of that apartment?

I would be very thankful.


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Hi DomC,


this Marionette Script is just great! But I think I doesn't work with the german decimal number separator = ,


I always get the attached error message

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-12 um 12.07.51.png

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Thanks DomC for the quick reply and updated Marionette, though it still doesn't work. I still get the same error message. After debugging it shows these values:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-13 um 10.49.41.png

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Are you testing in 2019?


In 2019 space delivers cm2 for area and negative elevations will result in empty output. That will result in issues because the script is not made to deal with empty input. I will look what.


Also the "Get Record Field" Node from 2018 will be broken in 2019. 

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It hard to intercept every bug in other components but I think this Update will fix it:


1. Uses 11_Area which seems to be m2 instead of cm2

2. separate numbers from unit and can handle , as dezimal delimiter.

3. Returns 0 for Bottom elevation if elevation is negative (can't fix this, maybe I could by getting the IFC elevation height, but I don't want to)


You can try the attached Update File it will work without error Message


Apartment Area v1.2.1 v2019.vwx

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I think the 11_Area actually returns the value in the current document unit area settings. Best to not depend on that being a specific unit. Better to do the conversion to what you want yourself if you are doing calculations.

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3 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

I think the 11_Area actually returns the value in the current document unit area settings.

Hi Pat

Thanks for reaction. You are right and I already switched to 11_Area in the 2019 File. 

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On 3/18/2020 at 1:48 PM, sp@schankula.com said:

Hi Dom,

great tool, i'm very glad i found it!

Is it possible to change the output "m2" to "qm"?

New Version is available you can directly enter the unit for the aria as a suffix

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May I ask for an info about the apartment tag / apartment stamp 1.2.5?
When I change the room style - e.g. from "SIA Ausführung II" to "SIA Baueingabe" -
then I do not manage to put it backwards on execution afterwards.
It would be great if it were possible to switch back and forth between these 2 room styles.
Would that be possible?
PS: Why the room style in the accessory manager is once red and once green?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-03 um 09.39.57.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-03 um 09.41.25.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-03 um 09.41.36.png

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Green is a Page Bases Symbol. Red is a Parametric Intelligente Object (a space or a DataTag as example)
The Other Point (switching between Styles) I can't reproduce. The Data are transported (if unstyled Field) from one Space to the other and Back.

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Ok, thanks for your explanation DomC. I got it.

There was a miss-leading thought I've had. It's not the style I need to change, but it's in the properties setting of the stamp.

When I want to show a simpler Stamp with less info, than I need to change the room stamp symbol (Show symbol 1, or 2, or 3, ...).

Sorry about the inconvenience...



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Hello DomC,

How would it be possible to adjust the rounding rules for decimals?
The Marionette has not correctly rounded off the decimals in some areas.


Thanks in advance



Screenshot 2023-02-02 172729.png

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thank you for the great tool!


Two Questions...

Is it somehow possible to change the area output decimal separator to Comma (,)?

Can i change the folder structure in the manager?





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