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Create Symbol 1.0.0

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"Create Symbol" creates a new symbol definition on the active document. Refresh resource manager if you create a new symbol with this node by just switch to another document and back in the resource manager.


This node does not use "List absorb" so you can just insert one object into the symbol definition. Recommended to first create an empty symbol and then use "Set Parent" to attach several objects into the symbol.



Create Symbol.vwx

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Hello @DomC,


There is no way to process an object list to create several symbols at once?
It works with an object but as you say, not an object list.  It would be handy to create symbols from groups in the file at once.
Thank you for that.

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First lets talk about what is an Object List? 

A List in Python ist like ['Symbol1', 'Symbol2', 'Symbol3'] Used by the any input it will produce one line for every symbol name. This ist the input, the symbol node wants





But yes, we can input a List of objects. Example:




This node was made to produce over 15'000 furnitures at once from an external list of objects.




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